Essential Skin Care & Hair Care Tips For A Safe Holi

Colors, brightness, vibrancy, dance, merrymaking, gujiyas, pichkari, bhang, and Bollywood numbers! Does it ring a bell? Well yes, it is agai...

Colors, brightness, vibrancy, dance, merrymaking, gujiyas, pichkari, bhang, and Bollywood numbers! Does it ring a bell? Well yes, it is again that time of the year when the triumph of good over evil is celebrated in full gusto in India, and around the world. It is Holi time! Pretty much everyone loves the fun that comes along with this festival, applying colors and shooting water balloons at one another and immersing ourselves in the spirit of celebration. But many of us sit back every year, like a recluse, within the four walls of the house, and watch others play. The primary reason for this is because many of us fear the after effects of the colors on the skin and hair. But now that you all are a part of Diva Likes, we do not want you to miss out on all the fun and remain a silent spectator. Here's we bring to you some very useful tips so that you won't have to cringe at the thought of colors damaging your skin and hair.

1. Apply A Protective Layer On Skin

As you wake up in the morning of Holi, take generous dollops of moisturizers and body lotions and apply it on your skin. This will ensure that the colors (however harsh) won't affect your skin during the celebrations.

2. Coconut Oil Is A Saviour

Massage your hair with a good amount of coconut oil so that your hair remains protected from the chemicals in the colors. You could also apply coconut oil to your skin over the moisturizer, in case you have extra sensitive skin. But if the oil irritates your skin, stick to the first point.

3. Give Your Skin The Umbrella Of Sunscreen

Holi is generally played during daytime, when the sun seems cruel on the skin. Make sure your face has a generous application of sunscreen before your friends pull you out in the open. Sunscreen will not only protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, but also save you from the damaging effects of colors.

4. Make Full Sleeves The Holi Trend

There is a totally logical reason for all the yesteryear Bollywood heroines wearing full sleeved white kurtas during Holi celebrations in the popular Holi songs. It is a great way to cover the common part of your body that is subjected to Holi colors. And the color white ensures that people playing Holi have been covered in colors and not hiding behind the camouflage of a colourful attire!

5. Go Organic & Spread The Word

The market today is flooded with all kinds of colors for you to enjoy this festival to the fullest. It is a good idea to spend a few extra bucks and opt for organic colors that have minimal chemicals in them. Buy it and encourage others to do the same, so that your Holi does not end up in itchy, dry and damaged skin.

6. Nail Paint Can Be Very Useful

Have you noticed the Holi colors lingering around the nails for days after the festival is over? It looks gross yes, and it is also damaging to the nail cuticles and the skin around them. So here's a quick solution. Apply and re-apply nail paint on not just your nails but also on the skin around them. Once you're done playing with the colors, remove the paint with a remover. And voila! Your nails are as good as before Holi.

Once you've enjoyed and immersed yourself in colors, photographed the celebration for a Facebook or Instagram upload, it's time to follow some post celebration tips!

7. Brush Off Excess Color

Before entering the house, brush off excess dry colors from skin and hair. This will make the cleaning process easier and also keep the house clean.

8. Keep A Bottle Of Cleansing Milk Handy

As you enter for a wash, apply cleansing milk generously all over the body, especially where there is a concentration of colours. Leave on for a good five minutes and then use a loofah to wash it off. You will see the color coming off your skin like magic.

9. Condition Your Hair After A Hair Wash

The rule of thumb for a hair wash after Holi is to use a mild and herbal shampoo that is free of chemicals. Wash once, and repeat if required. If you have long hair, remember to take extra care while conditioning the lower part of the hair. It often has more colors, and neglected during a hair wash. Use sufficient conditioner to cover the entire hair length.

10. Go Back To Applying Body Lotion

Once you are done with your post-Holi shower, dry yourself and apply a generous amount of thick nourishing body lotion on the entire body. Use a hand cream if your hands feel extra dry.

11. Consume As Well As Rub Salad Vegetables On Your Skin

Your body stands the chance of being dehydrated with all the crazy celebrations. Needless to say, you need to drink gallons of water and eat salad vegetables to replenish the lost fluids from the body to keep your skin soft and supple. Along with it, rub thin slices of cucumber and tomato on the face to soothe the facial skin. Extract the juice of cucumber and carrot and apply on body and face to reverse the damaging effects of colors, if any.

12. Go For The Sweets But Be Conscious

It is a sin to deny the taste buds of sweets during Holi. So go for it and have fun. But remember to take it in limited quantity so that your skin does not react to it with a vengeance and have eruptions and pimples.

13. Stop Worrying

Stop worrying about your skin and hair and go have fun. Happiness is a great cure for damaged skin. So follow the tips above, and stop getting all worked up at the sight of colors. It's one day a year when you can have so much fun with colors. Laugh, dance, sing and play while you keep your worries away.

Happy Holi!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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