10 Ways To Combat Swelling During Pregnancy

It is common knowledge that pregnant women often suffer from swelling of the feet, hands and face. This condition in medical terms is known ...

It is common knowledge that pregnant women often suffer from swelling of the feet, hands and face. This condition in medical terms is known as Oedema, and is not restricted to pregnant women alone. The underlying cause of this condition is the build-up of excess fluid in the tissues of limbs and other parts of the body like the face. Water retention occurs due to several reasons and one common reason is pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women tend to face this more often than others. This can make them very uncomfortable and restrict their movements. But certain precautionary measures can help reduce Oedema and provide relief to the swollen body parts. Here are a few tips that will help combat swelling during pregnancy.

1. Do Not Remain In One Position For Long

Always remember that chances of fluid retention are higher when you remain in one posture for long, be it sitting or standing. Stretch out your limbs every half an hour to avoid fluid build-up in your tissues. A light stroll every now and then will also help.

2. Gulp Down Water Frequently

Swelling due to fluid retention can be fought with water intake. Water flushes out fluids from the body and keeps your body healthy and active. So if you drink 4 litres of water when not pregnant, you need to up your water consumption by at least a litre more to combat Oedema.

3. Salt Is Your Enemy

Just as you may love snacking on those salty cashews and munchies, they are also responsible for inducing swelling in your body. It is essential to cut down your salt intake as salt aids in water retention and cause the extremities to swell up. Stock up on veggies that can be salted very lightly and yet taste great. Eat fruits which have a natural tasty flavour so that you won't require any salt addition.

4. Control The Caffeine Kicks

With our busy schedule at work, many of us fall prey to the coffee addiction. But we need to control this urge, especially during pregnancy, as caffeine tends to dehydrate the body. As the body begins to get dehydrated, the water in the tissues refuse to be flushed out and are retained within the body. This in turn causes discomfort in the limbs and face in the form of swellings.

5. Try To Keep Your Feet Elevated

It is not always possible to prop up your feet on a pillow or a similar kind of support. But whenever possible try to keep your feet in an elevated position. This will prevent the fluids from accumulating at the extremities and help combat swelling in the feet.

6. Indulge In Potassium Rich Diet

Dark green vegetables and bananas are easy to get and are packed with potassium. Consuming a potassium-rich diet will help prevent uncomfortable swelling and gives your body energy and nutrition that is required during pregnancy.

7. Try Not To Put Pressure On Your Feet

It is advisable to enjoy thick soled flat comfortable shoes during pregnancy rather than sticking on to your stilettoes. Your body will naturally become heavy with the growing baby inside, and so the pressure on your feet will increase and leads to inflammation and swelling in the ankles if you continue wearing pencil heels.

8. Cold Compression Soothes Swelling

Sometimes, in spite of all the precautions some of us are more prone to swelling limbs than others. But it is natural and a part of most pregnancies. So instead of worrying and fretting over it, apply cold compression whenever needed. This will provide relief and comfort from the swelling.

9. Keep Cool To Keep Away The Swelling

High temperatures and scorching sun tend to aggravate the condition of Oedema. Therefore, it is best to avoid heat and sun and remain under the shade. Spending time in a pool is a cool idea to keep the heat at bay. Wear a large hat or use an umbrella to provide shelter from the scorching sun, in case you are out in the afternoon. Sip refreshing fruit juice that will cool the body and provide you relief from swelling during your pregnancy.

10. Remain Active

With constant changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy, it is obvious for you to feel tired and lazy. At the trimester, when the baby has grown in size, its weight inside you is bound to pull you down. But remember that for you and your baby to remain healthy, you need to remain active. You cannot remain lying on the bed or sitting on the comfortable couch all day long. It will only increase the swelling and make you more uncomfortable. Pregnancy friendly exercises like light stretches, a simple workout, a short swim, or just a stroll around the neighbourhood park can do wonders to combat swelling and relieve you of pain caused due to Oedema.

Hope these tips help you overcome the swelling during pregnancy. Do follow them to see miraculous results!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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