10 Phenomenal Ways To Celebrate International Women's Day

It is a wonderful feeling being a woman. Despite the horrific crimes against us around the world, womanhood is a great feeling. And we all n...

It is a wonderful feeling being a woman. Despite the horrific crimes against us around the world, womanhood is a great feeling. And we all need to be proud of it. International Women's Day is one such day when this blessing of womanhood is celebrated worldwide. It is not just about feminism or some cause. It is about respecting and loving yourself as a woman and sharing the joy of being a woman, with others around you. Diva Likes team would take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you out there who have made it this far. As a woman, you have braved the obstacles thrown at you and have succeeded in winning against all odds, and this is a huge achievement in itself. So, on this occasion of International Women's Day let's give you some fun and empowering ideas to celebrate a day dedicated to you.

1. Wish The Women Who Inspired You

A solid dose of positivity could get you a head start. As you wake up, pick up the phone and speak to at least two women who have inspired you in life. It can be your mother, a friend, a relative, a teacher, or anyone else. Have a chat and feel invigorated with the new dash of positivity.

2. Make A Sumptuous Meal

Head to your computer or laptop and open a food site by a woman. Prepare a recipe from there and have a hearty meal with your family, if you live with them, or just enjoy your delicacy by yourself. Don't forget to comment on the recipe site or blog and thank the woman who helped you with this fantastic meal virtually.

3. Pamper Time

You have been running around, working hard at home to give your spouse, kids, and others at home a good comfortable life. That may have left you with a stressed back or callused feet or dry hands. Go out and get yourself a good massage and spa treatment. Get those bones in the body to relax, while you get pampered.

4. Make Time For The Bookworm In You

The reader in you may have taken a backseat while you attend to your daily chores. Today is the day to sit back, kick off the daily work and make room for some great reading. Pick up an inspiring book by a woman, or about a woman, and read till you feel satiated.

5. Have A Women's Day Out

What better occasion to get your girl gang together and go for that much-needed women's day out. Spend the day eating, talking, shopping, drinking and chatting without any worries of the world. Catch up everything that you have wanted to do together and all the conversations that were missed due to your busy schedule. It's your day lady, and you ought to have some serious fun.

6. Pen Down Your Thoughts On Being A Woman

Choose a woman's forum, or write in your own blog, if you have one. Write down something about your journey as a woman so far. It can be a light funny note or a serious one describing your battles as a woman. Share it with the other woman around the world with the help of the World Wide Web.

7. Donate For A Women's Cause

There are tons of organizations fighting for women, their rights, and their sufferings. If you really want to make a change this women's day, become a member of one of these organizations or donate for their cause. As a woman, it means a lot when one woman stands for another.

8. Awaken The Movie Buff In You

If you have not had enough time in the past to watch a whole movie in the comfort of your couch, sipping on some refreshing beverage and a bowl of butter popcorns, do it today. List the names of women-centric movies that were there on your watchlist and start watching. Let the movies give you loads of new fuel to run the crazy miles of your life.

9. Let Women Know You Care

Visit a local women's shelter and spend the day with underprivileged girl children or women who have been victims of dreadful crimes committed against them. Listen to their stories, share some bright moments with them, sing for them and just be with them. Make their lives happy even if for just one day. Show them that you care.

10. Make Yourself Happy

As a woman, you owe yourself this one. Make yourself happy. This is your day and you have all the rights to be happy. So pick out activities that make you happy and just do it. Even if it is something as simple as reading fairy tales to your daughter or going on a roller coaster ride in an amusement park, just do it! A happy woman will lead to a happy society and in a broader sense it will result in a much happier world.

So, dear wonderful woman, you should bask in the glory of your womanhood and celebrate it in its true spirit. A very Happy Women's Day to all the lovely and powerful women out there. Enjoy your day!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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