Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender, 225 Eye Blender & 231 Petit Crease Brushes Review

Hola pretty ladies! I did some online shopping of makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes from Luxola. Luxola is like a blessing for me as far...

Hola pretty ladies! I did some online shopping of makeup brushes and eyeshadow palettes from Luxola. Luxola is like a blessing for me as far as the makeup brushes are concerned. Indian websites charge so much for foreign brands and the high price keeps me away from these brands. During the holiday season, I listed down various eye brushes from different brands and thought of giving a try to the brand Zoeva. I have heard some rave reviews about this brand online and I thought of giving it a try. As a student, I still feel Sigma and RT brushes will punch a hole in my pocket. So I am always searching for other options. I bought three eye brushes from Zoeva, one for the crease, and two blending brushes. Read on to know more about these brushes in detail.

About Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender, 225 Eye Blender & 231 Petit Crease Brushes:

223 Petit Eye Blender: The 223 Petit Eye Blender is a handcrafted, densely bound eyeshadow brush to accentuate the crease and to blend your eyeshadow like a professional makeup artist. The soft taklon bristles are perfect for the application of cream products, cater to your crease and have an excellent resistance at the same time. Due to the compact size of this eye brush it is also suitable for very small eyes.

225 Eye Blender: The 225 Eye Blender brush blends together eyeshadow colors perfectly and eliminates conspicuous lines. Due to its soft natural bristles this handcrafted makeup tool is great for smoky eyes and mysterious nuances. Easy to use and at the same time professional in appearance, this brush will revolutionize your eye makeup application. Airy and soft as a cloud. Comes in a gorgeous zipper brush bag.

231 Petit Crease: This innovative eye brush is the perfect makeup tool to accentuate the crease and shade eyeshadow edges. The tapered shape and the pointed tip of the brush allow professional, detailed working and is ideal for those with small eyes. The incredibly soft natural bristles will create a gorgeously even and absolutely flawless color finish for enchanting makeup results to fall in love with. Comes in a gorgeous zipper brush bag.


223 Petit Eye Blender: 676 INR
225 Eye Blender: 676 INR
231 Petit Crease: 676 INR

Directions For Use:

223 Petit Eye Blender: With the 223 Petit Eye Blender brush you can apply your eyeshadow directly into the crease and then blend the edges by gently shading the eyeshadow along the crease.
225 Eye Blender: Let set, apply your favorite eyeshadow and then blend the edges with the 225 Eye Blender for perfectly shaded results and a contoured crease.
231 Petit Crease: With this brush you can blend eyeshadow and shade transitions. A darker shade in the eyelid crease creates depth and highlights the eyes.

My Experience With Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender, 225 Eye Blender & 231 Petit Crease Brushes:

Packaging: All the brushes came in a sleek semi-translucent zip-lock pouches with the brush name written on the respective pouches. All the three brushes have sleek black and silver handles with the number and brand engraved upon them. I love their packaging and the zip-lock pouches as well.

223 Petit Eye Blender: A small dense round tipped blending brush made of Taklon bristles. The brush is extremely suitable for small eyes where blending the crease and lid becomes slightly tough. The hairs are soft yet dense and do a good job for merging outer V colors as well. The brush works well for cream eyeshadows on the eyelid as well. Due to its petite size, it's easy to control the softening near the edges. It is one of the rare blending brushes for small eyes which is quite good with its performance.

225 Eye Blender: This is my Holy Grail blending brush! It is a dense tapered tip blending brush, a slighter larger version of 223. The bristles are soft, velvety and extremely smooth on the eye skin. It is made of squirrel hair. I use the brush for various purposes – for blending cream eye shadows, working on the crease with hard lines and also on the brow bone. It works excellent as a highlighter too. The small eyes won't like the brush as it's too heavy. Overall, a must-have brush in my opinion.

231 Petit Crease: It is a fluffy dense pencil brush with slight tapered end. The bristles are the mix of natural and synthetic hair. It is quite a soft brush and doesn't poke eyes even though it is in the shape of a pencil. It is a great brush for transitions and blending hard lines on the crease. I tried to create some dark outer V with this brush and it did a pretty good job blending. It suits both small eyes as well as big eyes. When I am in a hurry, I simply use the brush to soften the line of the kajal on my upper lid for a light smokey eye look. I was looking for an alternative to MAC 217 which is the raved pencil brush and a favourite of Mickey Contractor. Though I wouldn't this brush a dupe of MAC 217 but it works in a similar way. Overall, this is a good blending brush for the crease.

The brushes don't shed or change color upon washing. However, proper care should be taken for long lasting results.

Pros Of Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender, 225 Eye Blender & 231 Petit Crease Brushes:
  • Lovely sophisticated packaging.
  • Bristles are extremely soft and light.
  • Does their respective jobs well.
  • Good alternative for high-end brushes.

Cons Of Zoeva 223 Petit Eye Blender, 225 Eye Blender & 231 Petit Crease Brushes:
  • People with small eyes won't like 225 Eye Blender brush as it's too heavy.

Diva Likes Rating:

223 Petit Eye Blender: 4/5
225 Eye Blender: 4.5/5
231 Petit Crease: 4/5

Final Note:

I was surprised to find these brushes with such amazing quality! It is totally worth the price you are paying for. I am planning to buy few more brushes from their range, may be some face brushes as well. I strongly recommend these brushes to all the ladies out there who are looking for some quality brushes! It is definitely a tough competitor to Sigma and MAC.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. They look good...will try them! Luxola is a boon for people like us delivering so many brands :)

    1. Seriously, Luxola is something I have been waiting for ages! Do try these beauties.

  2. I am not so much into eye makeup but this collection looks promising..maybe i should stock them up for future use:)

    1. Zoeva is great as far as quality is concerned..


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