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As we get older, we all want to learn how to take better care of our body. Looking and feeling youthful and stylish is something that most w...

As we get older, we all want to learn how to take better care of our body. Looking and feeling youthful and stylish is something that most women strive for when we start seeing the first signs of ageing creeping up on us. Be it that first pesky grey hair or a few wrinkles appearing in all of their unwelcome splendor. Most of us start the process of looking after ourselves and our bodies only we end up facing problems. But there is no need to wait until we're in our 50's to start thinking about preventative measures. You can start taking steps to look and feel more youthful, even in your 30's. This way you will start seeing more of an effect. There are so many ways in which we can look and feel more youthful. From the nutrition, which we give our bodies to the fashion we choose and the beauty products we use, everything plays its part. These days there are even plenty of apps for dedicated fashion fanatics. So staying technological whilst on your anti-aging journey is simple. Here we look at an easy to follow guide to embracing some top youthful, anti-aging tips and advice that you might not have thought of.

Food & Nutrition - How To Eat Well And Stay Youthful:

Health experts like dr oz will tell you all about how to get the best skin and natural looking youthful glow. Unsurprisingly what we put into our bodies makes the biggest difference to how healthy and youthful we feel. Our bodies need a mixture of fresh food and drink to gain important vitamins. There are also a few good supplements and products we can take to boost our systems. Think about which areas you need to work on first and tackle them one step at a time. If your skin is dull and blotchy, with early signs of wrinkles then changing your food and drink can often benefit you.

  • You should think about eating foods such as natural yogurt, which contains healthy bacteria. This will improve our digestion, skin and hair. Yogurt also has a million and one uses for DIY home beauty remedies. It is especially good for dry skin.
  • Oily fish is great for every health benefit imaginable. High in omega three fats, it is perfect for keeping your heart, skin, hair and nails in immaculate condition. Try to eat 2-3 portions of fish every week in your diet as a minimum. Not only it is good for you, but also it is delicious and versatile for meals.
  • Avocados are an amazing superfood. They are filled with healthy fats that will keep you full. Packed with antioxidants, they are great for eating and using on your skin.
  • The skin of grapes contains Resveratrol that is said to slow down the ageing process. These are delicious and good for you. Make a fruit salad, packed with grapes and oranges for a real vitamin C boost.

Fashion - Dress To Show Off Your Best Assets And Look Younger:

Fashion is an important part in most women' lives. Even if we don't want to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends, we still want to look good. Looking good helps us to feel more confident and happy. When we're happy, we look better. Fact!

  • Keep it simple and stylish. Simple and stylish fashion are always popular. Think Victoria Beckham. Aim for fitted clothing that doesn't come up too tight or hang in all the wrong places. Chic trousers, cute and flowing shirts casually tucked into the front of your waistband.
  • You don't need to wear high heels to look stylish. You can buy some beautiful flats these days that have just the same amount of glamour or opt for smaller heels that are easier to walk in.
  • Ditch the scarves. Many women make the mistake of using scarves and neckties to hide their decolletage. This area can often show the first signs of ageing. Depending on how you style them, trying to cover your decolletage with a scarf can often look stuffy and unfashionable. You can even draw more attention to this area, without realizing it.

Pick up on all of the latest fashion trends and style your accessories accordingly. Carrying an on-trend bag or wearing some beautiful pieces of jewellery are subtle ways of showing that you understand what's in fashion and what's not. If you don't want to splash out on designer brands, then look for high-street alternatives to your favorite items.

Beauty Tips - Use Beauty Products And Skincare To Gain A Youthful Complexion:

Sometimes we can make a dramatic difference to the way we look, simply by changing a few simple beauty routines. First of all, you should take note of your skin-tone. Is your skin fair, dark or olive toned? Do you have good skin or are you prone to acne? These are all questions that will determine how to pick the right products for you.

If you are unsure how to tell what your skin type and skin tone is, then visit your local beauty counter. They will be able to color match your foundation, concealer and lipstick to find exactly what looks best. Finding tones that are the perfect match for your complexion will help you to achieve that highly coveted fresh and natural look. Youthful beauty should be understated, not in-your-face!

Use eye shadows with a bronze shimmer for creating timeless classic eyes. A good blusher in a very soft pink tone can add a natural looking flush to your skin. If you plan on using fake tan, ensure that you go for a tone that is about 1-2 shades darker than your skin. Too much of it can make your skin look older.

Young At Heart - Stay Inspired And Change Your Attitude To Aging:

Changing the way you think about getting older can sometimes actually affect the way in which you age. Embrace the new changes in your body and invest the time to take care of yourself. Eat well, live healthily and most importantly, enjoy yourself! As a general rule, "everything in moderation" is a good one to live by.

Hope these simple things about staying youthful will help you in the long run. Do let us know your views about this article in the comments section.

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