How To Read To Your Toddler

Reading is one of the best habits you can make your child to get into. It is a great exercise for the mind and enhances creativity in the ev...

Reading is one of the best habits you can make your child to get into. It is a great exercise for the mind and enhances creativity in the ever active tiny tots. It is also a great day to calm children after they have had a lot of strenuous play time. Reading at night time makes way for a period of peaceful sleep. But sometimes mothers may find it a tad bit difficult to get the toddlers focus on the story they are reading out to them. Mothers may also be flustered about the content appropriateness of the story. Sometimes, kids may not be interested in the reading exercise at all. But don't worry. With time, kids will listen and read beautiful books, because children love stories! Here are some interesting tips on how to read to your toddler.

Understand The Interests Of Your Toddler

Some toddlers have fascination towards animals, while some love cartoons. Some love their Barbie and princesses, while some find little insects intriguing. There are still others who love the night sky, the moon and the stars. Observe your toddler to understand their preferences. Choose a book that will interest them.

Read Books With Big Pictures

Story books illustrated with big colorful pictures are bound to get instant attention from toddlers. Make sure that you expose them to books with a lot of lively colors and photos. As they flip through the photos, begin to explain to them what the pictures are about. For example, if it is a fairy tale character, don't just start reading immediately. First make your child see the character, its eyes, hair, shoes, dress, buttons and anything that catches their fancy. And then tell the story.

Make Your Toddler Feel Comfortable During Reading Time

A mother's lap is the most secure and safest place for a child. But if your child does not want to sit on your lap, keep her close to you so that they can feel your warmth. Ensure that they are comfortable and cozy. Once your toddler is set in their place, open the book in front of them. Make sure they are able to see what you are reading.

Enact & Show

Kids love drama. So when you are reading to your toddler, make sure you modulate your voice according to the character. Bring some tone of mystery and surprise when you are about to reveal something in the story. Use a lot of facial expressions and hand movement while reading. Soon your toddler will get hooked to your reading.

Repeat If Your Toddler Likes It

Sometime, kids may want to read the same thing over and over again every day. Don't reject their wishes. It may get boring for mothers to re-read the same thing for weeks. But if that is what your toddler wants, give in to their wishes. Then maybe on one of the days, you can ask your toddler to narrate or read the story back to you. If they refuse, you read it again. It's okay! Sometimes you can pause in between and wait for your toddler to finish it.

Make The Story About Your Toddler

If you want your child to relate to the story, substitute the main character with your toddler's name. This will enhance their interest in the story and they will want to know what happens to them in the end. You may even find them standing in front of the mirror and trying to enact the characters!

Applaud Your Child's Memory

If you read a story to your toddler today, ask them questions about it the next day. So what did the Prince do? What did the King say? What color flower did she want? And as your child answers, clap and show them that you are proud of your child's memory. This will keep them interested and there grows an inclination in them for stories and books.

So these were a few tips on how to read to your toddler. Now that you know some of the tricks, go on, pick your toddler's favorite book, and start reading. Happy Story time, Mommies!

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