Congratulations Salomi For Completing 100 Posts

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Our dearest writer Salomi has reached the mark of 100 posts at Diva Likes. I have been wanting to write this special post sin...

Yayyyyyyyyyyy! Our dearest writer Salomi has reached the mark of 100 posts at Diva Likes. I have been wanting to write this special post since a week but it was delayed due to work. Finally it's here! Salomi is a wonderful contributor who has shared amazing beauty product reviews with us. Not only reviews, but she has also been working on various topics at Diva Likes like beauty, makeup tutorials and DIY's as well. Whatever work she takes up, she gets it done with utmost dedication. Salomi is now an integral part of Diva Likes and the team is glad to have her on board.

Salomi, I am totally impressed with your sincerity and punctuality at work. You make it a point to let your voice heard in each and every post at Diva Likes. This shows how involved you are! For me, you are one of the best writers at Diva Likes and there is no doubt about it. Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 100 posts. You are now officially a senior writer at Diva Likes and we have a long way to go together. Love & Hugs!

Here is something our friends at Diva Likes want to tell you on this special 100!

Divya says:

Salomi, you started your journey at Diva Likes like any one of us but soon rose to become our Color Show queen. Wish u heartiest congratulations on crossing this milestone and hope to see your spark continuing.

Meghna says:

Congratulations on reaching the mark of 100th post! Keep painting Diva Likes with your colorful posts of nail varnishes and wonderful reviews! Wish you all the best for your future work at Diva Likes! 

Kriti says:

I love reading Salomi's reviews because she has this way of making the simplest things sound interesting. Her review is up to the point and her language is crisp. My cosmetic shopping is quite influenced by her reviews. Hope to read more. You're doing a great job Salomi!

The entire team of Diva Likes want to congratulate you for reaching this milestone. Keep rocking dear!

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  1. Now I know the feeling on being on cloud 9! Thank a lot Divalikes! Firstly, Lavanya who helped me with all my queries dealt with the mistakes and gave full support of her. A big hug to you!
    The wonderful appreciation I got from the readers that helped me grow as a contributor each and every day that encouraged me to deliver the best of me every time. Reaching this mark felt like a big milestone to me as I never thought that I would reach here! I couldn’t be much happier than today :D
    Lots and lots of thanks to Divya, Meghna and Kriti for the warm and kind words for me, means a lot to me guys.


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