8 Tips For Sticking To Your Diet This Year

Hello, lovely ladies! A brand new year has kicked in and we are already at the end of the first month of the year. I'm sure you have you...

Hello, lovely ladies! A brand new year has kicked in and we are already at the end of the first month of the year. I'm sure you have your list of 2015 resolutions in place and are trying to stick to it ardently. Speaking about sticking to plans, weight and diet management are common trouble makers in our resolutions list. We often get all motivated and come up with this brilliant diet plan; but after a week or even a month, the plan just falls apart and we are back to binging on unhealthy snacks and fast food. The reason for this epic fail can be attributed to changes in our lives, be it emotional, professional, personal, or even financial. Or sometimes it's just that we aren't determined enough to see this through. But this should not dishearten you. Here are some easy to follow and reasonable tips that each of us can follow and stick to our diet plan this year.

1. Make A Conscious Decision

Keep aside the failures that you have experienced before. It is a new year and a new resolution. Always eat healthy food and stick to the eating routine that you have set for yourself. Constantly remind yourself that this year you ought to reap the benefits of your diet. Every time you feel the urge to break away from the plan, just think of yourself by the end of the year. Do you want to bid farewell to this year with a sense of accomplishment that you have lived up to your promise, or with a sense of disdain that you have failed yourself yet again? Think and act!

2. Variety Is The Spice Of Life

If you want to ensure sticking to your diet, you have to include a lot of variety in it. A bland bowl of oats every morning may not be the most cheerful thing to hold on to. Get lots of colors in your diet. Throw in some colorful bell peppers in your low-fat zucchini lettuce salad, or add bright red strawberries to your cereal bowl for breakfast.

3. Always Stock Up On Power Foods

Many a times, a sudden hunger pang distracts us away from our diet. With the onset of surprise hunger, we tend to go for the easiest thing to gorge on and end up miles away from the dieting goal. To avoid this, always keep power foods stocked near you; either in your workstation drawer, handbag or even in your pocket. A granola bar, a handful of roasted peanuts, some seedless dates, an apple, a handful of almonds, some puffed rice munchies etc. can go a long way in your diet regime.

4. Keep Up The Positive Spirit

Always remember that weight management is not an overnight magic. You may stick on to your diet for two whole months and hardly notice any changes. It's okay! Give yourself a pat for not giving up. Go on spiritedly for some more time, and one day you will be surprised to hear the most pleasant compliment from someone who hasn't seen you for the last few months!

5. Resolve To Buy Apparels A Size Smaller

Now this should be a good motivation for the shopaholics. If you are a size 16, steel yourself and do not buy any piece of clothing till you are a 14. Continue the healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet and who knows by the end of the year you may end up buying size 10!

6. Be Realistic

Sometimes we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and then feel dejected and disappointed when we fail to achieve it. It is true that for anyone with determination sky is the limit. But you need to take achievable steps to reach the bigger goal. Take one day at a time and feel accomplished when you have adhered to your diet plan. Once in a while there may be a miss. But let that be an exception while you move ahead with your diet resolution.

7. Run Around With Your Kids Or Pets

It is important to feel happy and active in order to keep away from comfort eating. Feel awesome and fit while you jog in the park with your furry pet jumping around your feet. If you have a toddler, an active day at the beach, or children's park is a great way to keep them happy and keep you feeling fit and positive!

8. Have A Sisterhood Group

Women with similar intentions can go a long way in boosting and heightening the morale of one another. On days when you feel low and want to give up on the whole diet thing, a heart to heart talk with a peer group member will work wonders and set you right back on track.

So armed with these tips, go ahead the right way by sticking to your diet plan this year and watch the pounds shed away!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  2. Super useful...its so easy to start but to continue it is the tuff part. These tips are surely gonna help everyone!


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