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Most of us lead busy lives. We are always on the run to fulfill our commitments like work, meetings, family, friends, eat, sleep etc. We har...

Most of us lead busy lives. We are always on the run to fulfill our commitments like work, meetings, family, friends, eat, sleep etc. We hardly find time to relax ourselves and when you think of doing so in leisure, you will remember that you are still left with one important work, i.e., grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is the most indispensable part of running a household and is as important as any other chore. With the advent of online shopping in India, purchasing our necessities has become easy. With the thought of making grocery shopping easier, has come up with the largest online food and grocery store. Its time to bid goodbye to the traffic jams, long billing queues, heavy bags and taxing hours you used to spend in the grocery store. All you have to do is sit back, have a hot coffee, browse, shop for all your requisite groceries and get it delivered at the earliest.

They have a wide range of grocery options with over 10,000 products and over 1000 brands. You are sure to find everything and anything you are looking to shop for. Rice, dals, vegetables, fruits, beverages, meat, personal care, diary etc. - it's all there. The website is designed in a pretty simple way with separate sections for each category. In each category too, we have different filter options to make it easygoing.

Browse for products or use search feature if you are looking for a particular product. Add item to your shopping basket. Choose your convenient delivery time. Select a suitable payment option and the order will be delivered at your doorstep at the earliest. For smart phone users, BigBasket mobile app is now available to make your shopping experience even more convenient. Isn't this the best way to shop for groceries in our hectic schedule. Why not save the time shopping online and invest the same time for our hobbies? Not a bad idea after all!

Currently, is offering delivery to Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune. You can use debit/credit card or can also opt to pay by cash on delivery or even sodexo. They also give us an option of choosing the delivery time and thus office going people can choose a convenient time to get their products delivered. This is definitely a unique feature which you wouldn't have noticed in any other shopping site. Not just that, they also have a delivery confirmation PIN for every customer so that you can give them service ratings at the time of order delivery. This way, you can ensure that your feedback is being heard. This is so impressive, isn't it?
It's time to save our time & start our grocery shopping at! Enjoy on time delivery and best quality! Happy Shopping!


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  1. I have been a loyal bigbasketeer for a year and half now...Lives up to my expectations.

  2. Grocery shopping made easy but sad it does not deliver in Kolkata:(

  3. Unless it delivers in kolkata, it will be of no use to me :-(


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