How To Achieve 1970's Fashionable Look

Seventies style is set to be the biggest trend of 2015 . Think super-fitted suits, bold floral patterns, and flirty fringe detailing. You wi...

Seventies style is set to be the biggest trend of 2015. Think super-fitted suits, bold floral patterns, and flirty fringe detailing. You will discover that this is a fun and versatile trend with plenty of colors, patterns, textures and styles to suit all fashionistas. So, if you fancy injecting a touch of disco fever, psychedelic visuals, and flower power into your wardrobe, then read on for how to pull off the ultimate seventies look.

Tailored Suits

The seventies were all about super fitted jackets and trousers for both males and females, usually made from polyester. The blazers tended to be long, about mid-thigh, and they had four large pockets at the chest and hips. The trousers were very tight until the knee after which they widened out into a flare. To modernize this look, designers have used bold colors, metallics and softer fabrics. They have also made the jackets shorter, more structured and have made the flare of the pants, even more dramatic. For a daytime ensemble, look for a fitted suit in denim (which is also set to be a major trend of 2015). Add a simple t-shirt, chunky platform heels, and big hair. For an evening look, opt for dark, metallic patterns and shiny materials. To complete this sexy, sophisticated look, combine this with black platforms, smokey eyes, a sleek high ponytail.


In the 70s platform knee or thigh-high boots made from leather, patent or suede materials were all the rage. They were often worn in white, but caramel and bright colors were also popular. Designers are taking inspiration from this era but have been seen using black cut-out leather and studs. They have also updated these boots using more than one fabric, color and pattern on one item of footwear. To wear your high boots with style, match them with a mini or midi skirt and a fitted shirt. Clash colors and patterns for extra cool cat appeal. For an evening look, opt for platform court shoes with a square-bottomed heel. This will look great with pants but will also look very cute worn with a pair of ankle socks and a mini skirt or a pair of shorts.

Sailor Pants

These are high-waisted, wide pants that have a front flap, usually held up with two parallel sets of three buttons. In the 70s, many women wore these pants with a t-shirt or shirt tucked in. To give this style a contemporary twist, opt for denim or khaki cropped sailor pants. Combine with a perfectly fitted clean cotton t-shirt or a simple striped sweater. These pants will look excellent with wedges or strappy sandals.


Suede was a very popular fabric in the 1970s. From boots to skirts to outdoor jackets, this material was everywhere. The catwalks have been rife with suede pieces. So keep an eye out for an influx of this textile on the high street and in retro clothing stores very soon. Suede jackets are very comfortable and practical in the spring months. Wear your fitted suede jacket with bare legs, heeled sandals and a silk, paisley scarf tied round your neck. Patchwork pieces are a colorful and fun way to wear suede. Draw out the main color in your patchwork item by echoing this shade in the other elements of your ensemble.

Psychedelic Prints

During the free love era, multicolored busy patterns were very hip. During these times, both men and women embraced vibrant, bold and often garish colors. To avoid your outfit looking too intense, choose psychedelic prints on sheer fabrics. Layer these fabrics to create a free-flowing, funky look. Alternatively, pick full-on psychedelic patterns but use them sparingly. Add a multicolored scarf, bag or t-shirt to brighten up an otherwise plain outfit.


The hippie look of the 1960s carried on into the following decade. The summer of love was the setting for many embroidered blouses, long skirts, and crochet dresses. For a modern spin on the hippie look, choose short and light summer dresses with bright colors and patterns. Add a faux fur gilet over the top and pair of large sunglasses to complete the look. Alternatively, layer sheer, long floral items and top your outfit off with a floppy, wide-brimmed hat. Or, look for sleeved tiered maxi that sit loosely on the body. Go for bold patterns or plain colors with crimped material. Keep your hair and your makeup minimal and natural. Use illuminating makeup to make your skin glow and add a couple of tiny pleats throughout your hair for a laid-back look.


Jumpsuits were often worn in the 70s. Plain suits were worn during the day, and at night the sparkly, sequined versions made an appearance. Opt for a flared rather than a tapered leg. Pick a unicolor jumpsuit and add a belt to accentuate your waist. Finished with a pair of bug-eyed sunnies, you will achieve a casual 70s look. Opt for a monochrome jumpsuit with a plunging neckline and add chunky jewelry to glam this outfit up for the evening.


Fringes were added to many clothing pieces in the 70s. They were used to add movement and glamour to outfits. Today, fringed items tend to look a bit dated and naff. So be careful that you choose how to wear them carefully. Avoid items that are heavily fringed. Instead, look for capes, ponchos and shawls that have subtle fringing around the edges. Fringing that is in black will look particularly delicate and sophisticated. On dresses, fringing can look very elegant around the edge of the sleeves.

The Leg Split

Rock the seventies look with an evening dress or jumpsuit with a dramatic leg split. Give everyone a sneaky glimpse of your tanned, toned legs and wear with a pair of glamorous platforms. Complete the look with gold jewelry and a sleek, wavy hairdo.

Use these style tips to channel your inner 70s babe. We are certain that you will pull the look of flawlessly, and you will look very hip and happening indeed!

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