5 Simple Tips For A Killer Hairstyle

Tired of always wearing your hair in the same sleek pony or messy top knot? Want to be one of those girls who just rolls in looking effortle...

Tired of always wearing your hair in the same sleek pony or messy top knot? Want to be one of those girls who just rolls in looking effortlessly chic and perfectly styled? Here are 5 quick tips to transform your mane into flowing, manageable tresses that won't need battling into submission every morning.

1. Be Mean

It may be hard, it may seem utterly impossible, but trust me your hair does not need washing every day. In fact, it looks a hell of a lot better when it's left to its own devices for a few days. Washing daily with harsh chemicals like the sulphate foaming agents we associate with being clean, strip hair of its natural oils and leave it brittle, dry and frizzy. This makes it difficult to style without mountains of hair spray, salon grade stylers and lots of patience. Not a recipe for a sleek Chignon!

2. Mix It Up

Professionals, celebrities and girlfriends alike swear by this method. Different brands have different concentrations of sulphates and styling agents. Alternating products every couple of washes prevents your hair being damaged by an overload of one particular chemical and keeps it super healthy and easy to style.

3. Maintain It

Ok, so we all know that behind every envied feature and effortless look there is literally hours of maintenance, right? Well, gorgeous hair is no exception. Committing to a regime of regular trims and conditioning masks (these are great by the way, especially for curly hair with a tendency to frizz) takes time and effort. But stick with it, it might seem like a pain now, but well cared for hair is the key to achieving sleek, glossy styles and you'll definitely be thanking me later.

4. Fake It

If you haven't got time for your new hair care regime to kick in, you can always cheat. In fact, with high quality products like Remy hair (each strand is actually plucked individually from the donor's head) hair extensions are more than just a quick fix. Opt for flip ins rather than clip ins, they're easy to style, not so obvious and really quick to put in. Choose hair that is suited to the look you are trying to achieve. Straight Peruvian textures are great for thin hair whilst loose curls like the Brazilian body wave are made for over the shoulder styles and messy braids.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

If at first you don't succeed, do not loose hope. With hundreds of styles to choose from it can take a lot of failed attempts and youtube tutorials to learn which ones suit both your face shape and hair type best. Take inspiration from everywhere, magazines, internet, the girl on the bus, and try to copy the style while it's still fresh in your mind. Remembering what works for you and taking pictures when you hit on a style you love makes it that much easier to replicate the feat for Friday's hot date or that big meeting. There really is no better way to learn than trial and error ladies, so get practicing!

Hope these tips help you to get you a fantastic hairstyle with ease. What is your favorite hairstyle? Do let us know!

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