8 Breast Implants Myths Debunked

There are a lot of rumours about breast implants going around that simply aren't true. Although this procedure has been around for a whi...

There are a lot of rumours about breast implants going around that simply aren't true. Although this procedure has been around for a while, people still believe some of the false claims made about them. The following 8 myths are all common misconceptions when it comes to breast implants:

1. Your Boobs Will Look Fake Afterwards

If you go with a reputable surgeon and discuss the shape and size that's best for you as an individual, your boobs won't look fake. The only time your boobs will look fake is if you choose a size that's far too big for you, or if you go with a surgeon who has little experience. By having breast augmentation, for instance, your boobs should look very natural.

2. Women Who Want Implants Want Big Boobs

Many women who want implants don't necessarily do it for big boobs. Many women just want to fill out their clothes better, and get a little more volume. Some women do want big boobs, but many are in the minority of people.

3. Your Implants Will Last Forever

Implants are not designed to last forever. Depending on the kind you have, they will last anywhere from 10-25 years. After that time, you will need to have a replacement to prevent rupturing of the implant. Ask yourself if you're ok with having surgery like this more than once. If so, you are a suitable candidate.

4. Your Boobs Will Look Great Instantly

You need to give your new boobs time to settle in. They will need time to heal and time to settle into a natural position. You should never have this surgery right before a big, important event.

5. You Won't Be Able to Breastfeed With Implants

Women have different success stories when it comes to breastfeeding regardless. Breastfeeding with implants is no different. Some women find it very easy, others don't. It's all down to the individual.

6. Your Recovery Will be Very Painful

This all depends on how high your pain threshold is. Some people say that they've had worse trips to the doctor! Either way, the pain won't be unbearable and you should be able to cope. Some people like to enlist somebody to help them for the first few days afterwards.

7. You'll Look Perfect Afterwards

If you think these implants will make you perfect, you'd be wrong. This is an unrealistic expectation to have. You won't necessarily be snapped up by a modelling agency, and you won't necessarily get a boyfriend either. You need to have implants because you want them, not for any other reason. Otherwise, you'll end up feeling disappointed that your life has stayed the same!

8. Your Scars Will Be Obvious

There are different ways the implant can be inserted into the breast, depending on the current size and shape of your breast. Your surgeon will discuss this with you and ensure your implant is placed in a way your scars will be the least noticeable.

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