7 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Gorgeous hair is an important attribute to beauty. Since time immemorial, women have paid special attention to their tresses and its mainten...

Gorgeous hair is an important attribute to beauty. Since time immemorial, women have paid special attention to their tresses and its maintenance. In earlier times, cure for hair problems were found in nature. However, with time, we resorted to chemicals and synthetics which caused more damage than repair. Also with increasing pollution and dirt everywhere, gorgeous hair has become just a fantasy for many. Receding hairlines has become a common sight and thin limp hair is spotted more frequently than luscious healthy hair (except in advertisements, of course!)
But all is not bad news in the healthy hair department. Hair loss, though a common problem today, can be fought with and defeated. Here are some genuine and scientific ways to stop hair loss and bring that much needed shine and bounce to your locks, curls, and cascading tresses.

1. Hair Friendly Diet

With our fast paced lifestyles, a burger on the go is an easy food choice. But thanks to fast food, we miss out on healthy nourishment which is crucial for the health of our hair. Protein is an essential nutrient that can do wonders for your hair. Applying a protein rich hair mask is not enough. You have to give them nourishment from within. Also accompanying protein rich food are minerals like zinc and iron, which are also contributor to healthy hair growth. Include cottage cheese, soya beans, leafy green vegetables, egg whites, curd, and similar food to arrest hair loss and enhance healthy growth of hair.

2. Hair Massage

Often, hair loss happens due to lack of oxygen reaching the hair roots. It makes roots weak and they break easily. A thirty minutes head and hair massage every two weeks will boost hair growth by pumping oxygen to the roots. Our grandmothers use to follow this ritual where they used to put oil on the scalp and follow a rigorous massage routine regularly. My grandmother is 87 years old and has thicker hair and less white hair than a forty year old due to this routine.

3. Do Not Brush Wet Hair

Hair is weak and more susceptible to breakage when it is wet. We often try to untangle hair immediately after taking a head shower. This results in more number of hair strands on the hair brush, than brushing hair when it is dry. Drying hair vigorously with a towel also lead to hair breakage. Use a soft towel to absorb the water from wet hair. Let the hair dry naturally, and then brush your hair.

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

UV rays of the sun are harmful, not just to the skin, but also to hair. Direct exposure to sun for prolonged periods can cause serious damage to the hair making it rough, lifeless and prone to breakage. When you are out in the sun, remember to cover your head with a scarf, hat or something similar.

5. Avoid Using Chemicals On Your Hair

There are irresistible advertisements of chemical shampoos extolling the advantages of using them. Celebrities endorse them and we think that those brands will work wonders for our hair. How wrong we are! Chemical shampoos may give results but they are short lived. In the long run they weaken hair and cause irreversible damage. Use herbal shampoos or hair cleansers for washing your hair, or use a brand that uses less chemicals, because in recent times, not many hair products are 100% chemical free.

6. Keep Your Hair Clean

Hair that is not washed and cleaned regularly is 100% more prone to breakage than clean hair. Do not apply hair serum on unwashed hair (although some brands promote such practices through TV commercials). Use a mild herbal hair wash for cleansing hair, every two days.

7. Keep Calm & Avoid Stress

People who practice yoga or meditate regularly have less hair fall than those who don't. The secret to their good hair is simple - freedom from stress. You will be surprised to know that stress is a prominent cause of hair fall. Our lives are so fraught is anxiety and worry that they affect our physical health directly. Stress causes certain hormones in our body to function in ways that are detrimental to our health, including our hair. Therefore, it is important to release built up stress and have a calm, relaxed mind.

Sometimes, there can be a medical reason for hair fall. In such cases it is best to see a professional and seek help. But once your hair fall problem is cured, practice the tips mentioned, to retain beautiful and luscious hair which adds to your beauty quotient!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. Super useful tips as most of us deal with this problem. Great writeup Kriti!

  2. I just changed my diet and saw the miraculous effect on my hair

  3. Good one, Kriti. However, the last point is something I have absolutely no control over :(

  4. can't do anything with the 7th point..can you suggest how to avoid stress????

    1. Meditation or yoga is the best way to deal with stress. Do try :)


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