Fun Weekend At Krabi, Thailand

There is little wonder about the fact that I am a travel addict. So when I was given an opportunity to visit Bangkok for work, I lapped it u...

There is little wonder about the fact that I am a travel addict. So when I was given an opportunity to visit Bangkok for work, I lapped it up excitedly. It was a nine day visit with one weekend in between. As I looked at the fully packed work agenda, I knew that I would have to make the best of the limited time I had to explore the place. The first week of August in uptown Bangkok witnessed my professional side. With incessant meetings and project reviews, I was exhausted by Thursday night. As I went out for a drink in the evening with my Thai counterparts, one of them proposed that we take a weekend trip to Krabi to unwind. Honestly, I had never heard of the place. Bangkok for me till then meant the city, Pattaya and Phuket. Kori who was my colleague, observed my look of unfamiliarity. She asked me to just go along with her and assured that it would be a well spent weekend. The traveller in me could not refuse the invitation.

Kori knew travel agents in Bangkok who booked us on a special VIP Bus Service that cost us 4000 INR with return. We left from Bangkok Southern Terminal at 7:30 PM on Friday. Kori and her fiance Yugen, bought us packed boxes from McDonald's. Stocking up ourselves with fruit juice cans and water, we were on our way to Krabi.
After a long but comfortable journey of ten hours, I was ushered into a cute little guest house called Blue Juice. I came to know that it takes almost three months advance booking to get rooms there. But the manager was a friend of Yugen and so we got it at a super short notice. The fare was cheap but the rooms weren't! The place emanated the signature Thai warmth and hospitality. Even the booze was cheap here. We gulped down a pitcher and then headed for an early dinner on the street of Krabi Town. I took an instant liking towards the colourful night market that was rooted to Thai culture. The aroma of authentic Thai food filled the streets and I couldn't wait to taste it. Kori and Yugen took me to a street cafe serving Thai glass noodles, sticky rice and green curry. It tasted heavenly and I devoured it like a hungry monster. Then we came back to our rooms and retired for the night.

Right beside Blue Juice was a small pier from where we took a ferry, which was actually a boat with a really long tail! Kori kept checking whether I had brought beachwear and sunscreen. I had no clue what exactly we were going to do wherever we were going, But I did carry a set of beach wear and sun tan lotion. Just when I thought that it has been really long, Kori shouted out and pointed ahead. The scene before me was taken straight out of the Bollywood Blockbuster, Kaho Na Pyar Hain! We had reached the beautiful island of Ao Nang located in the heart of the Andaman Sea. The beauty of the place cannot be described in words. I was one step short of jumping out of the boat and dancing like a Bollywood heroine.

The next thing on Kori's agenda was scuba diving. There were several scuba diving shacks and Yugen spoke to one of the guys. In no time we three were strapped with the diving equipment and after 30 minutes fast track training, we dived inside the sea. What I saw underneath was breath-taking. There were shoals of fishes swimming past and strange flora that I never thought existed. I thanked my stars for this opportunity.

As we came out of the sea, Kori stretched and said that she was tired. Yugen suggested that we take a massage. Soon we were spoiling ourselves with a heavenly Thai massage. It was the most relaxing thing I had ever experienced in my whole life. The oils, the technique, the pressure points massage - I could literally feel my stress, tiredness and worry seeping out of me. I did not want this to end, but it had to. Needless to say, the massage had invigorated my tired muscles and I wanted to fuel my stomach. We had a lazy lunch and sipped on chilled beer. The evening was beginning to cast its shadow of the pristine white sand beach.

I did not really wish to leave the island so soon, but our long tail boat had arrived and it was time to go back to Krabi Town. On the way back, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction. I suddenly held Kori and Yugen's hands and expressed my heartfelt gratitude for a divine experience in Krabi.

Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. You made me remember that beach song of KNPH...I was so mad about it back then n of course hrithik too :D :D

    1. I thought of the same title track from KNPH when I saw the place...It was very very beautiful.


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