5 Steps To Create The Perfect Smoky Eye Look

The smoky eye look is something that many women covet. However, there is a skill to it - you can't just pile on dark eyeshadow all over ...

The smoky eye look is something that many women covet. However, there is a skill to it - you can't just pile on dark eyeshadow all over the place and hope for the best. The women that take that approach end up looking like pandas. The smoky eye look can take many different forms, but you want it to look professional and polished at all times, think the opposite of Taylor Momsen and Courtney Love. Here's how to get it right!

Step 1 : Prep Your Face

Before you do your eyes, the rest of your face should be prepped and ready. You should have already applied your foundation and concealer. These will help the shadow last longer if you apply them to the lid too. The only thing you may want to save till last is the lipstick, just so you can be sure it compliments your eyes.

Step 2 : Select Your Colours

You can do smoky eyes in a variety of colours. Take into account your hair colour, skin tone, and outfit choice to help make your decision. Smoky browns, beiges, and golds look great. As do dark browns, blacks, and purples. You can even create smoky eye looks with a gorgeous green shade! Practice with different colours and see which make your eyes pop.

Step 3 : Apply The Shadow

Now it's time to apply the shadow. To create the perfect smoky eye look, Ecco Bella recommends that multiple shadows be used to create a multi-dimensional appearance. Start off by selecting the lightest colour you will use with a shadow brush or sponge, and apply it under the brow bone. Then take the second lightest colour and apply it all over the lid, and just past the crease of the eye. You can make it look as subtle or as daring as you like, just make sure that the lines where the shadow ends aren't too harsh. You'll likely need practice getting both eyes the same too.
Some people like to apply the shadow in a 'cat eye' kind of shape, while others prefer to make it rounder. This will depend on what suits you and the kind of look you're trying to achieve. Practice to get it right!
Finally, I like to dab the darkest colour in the crease of the eyelid. You can then take this same colour and carefully dab it just under the waterline of your eye. Don't make this line too thick - the goal is 'smoky', remember! Also, make sure your brushes are clean, as stated in this post.

Step 4 : Apply Eyeliner

If you want to apply eyeliner, you can use a black liquid liner to create a flick close to the lash line. You can then apply pencil to your waterline in a colour of your choice. Preferably one that matches the other colours you've used. You can even use white to give the illusion of bigger, more open eyes!

Step 5 : Curl Your Lashes

You can either apply false lashes at this point or curl them and apply mascara.

And you are done. Hope you found this tutorial on how to create smoky eyes helpful. This takes patience, so take your time! Do leave a comment with your thoughts on this tutorial!

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