10 Tips For Travelling With Toddlers

We often hear parents complaining about how stressful it is to travel with kids. I will not debate upon the fact that tackling toddlers duri...

We often hear parents complaining about how stressful it is to travel with kids. I will not debate upon the fact that tackling toddlers during travel can be quite a massive work. But that does not mean you and your toddler have to be stuck at home till he or she grows up. Parents can still enjoy the spirit of travelling and take a break from their daily chores along with their little ones with some helpful tips. Read on to know about these quick tricks to travel with your toddler without much ado!

1. Keep Them Engaged

Toddlers have very short attention spans and therefore they get bored easily. And once they are bored hell breaks loose. So even before you begin the journey, make sure you have ample games, toys, rhymes, music, munchies, and flipbooks to keep them occupied. If carrying toys is cumbersome, download toddler games and apps on your phones or tablets so that the toddler has enough to choose from.

2. Take Weather Specific Clothes

Do not force kids to wear clothes you think are right for them. I have often noticed kids at airports who are stuffed with mufflers, caps, and jackets. It is not necessary. Make toddlers wear clothes that they are comfortable in and are suited to the weather. If it is humid, give them light flannel clothes, in case of cold climate, soft woollens are best. If your toddler is comfortable in what he or she is wearing they will not be irritable.

3. Carry Ample Wet Wipes & Diapers

Some toddlers are potty trained faster than the others. But there are kids who still need attention in that area. While travelling, do not fuss about potty training rules. If it is a long journey it is best to use disposable diapers. In case the toddler poops, ensure that you have enough wet wipes to clean the mess.

4. Try Not To Break The Routine

When at home, your toddler is used to sleeping and eating at a particular times. Try not to disturb that clock while travelling. Schedule travel in such a way that your little one can eat and rest at planned intervals. This way their body will easily get adjusted to the new ambience, because their eating and rest periods are not disrupted.

5. Carry Easy To Feed Foods

Instead of carrying elaborate meals for toddlers during travel, carry fruits like bananas and oranges. These will have least exposure to germs and bananas will also keep them full. There are innovative travel friendly gears available for feeding kids. Make use of them while you are on the go.

6. Pack Sanitizers, Tissue Paper Rolls & Disposable Bags

Maintaining hygiene is a crucial factor during travel especially with the little ones. Therefore, ensure that you clean their hands as well as your hands frequently with sanitizers. Wipe seats, tables and local utensils while on the go. You never know who has used it before and how hygienic it is. You may not be able to control the environment always but these steps will ensure some precautionary measure against germ exposure.

7. Show Them New Things

Whether you are driving or using public transport or even flying, toddlers will feel bugged if you don't talk to them. Make them sit beside the window and show them new things as they move past. As a kid, I used to get excited looking at green fields, cows grazing, cars speeding by etc.

8. Prefer Seats With Space

Most toddlers may feel imprisoned if they do not have enough space for movement. While booking flights, check for facilities like more leg space seats and avail them. This will also help you to rock your child to sleep on your lap and yet be comfortable on the flight.

9. Avoid Stocking Up Their System With Sugar

Sugar enhances excitability in toddlers. Set a low sugar diet for them during the travel days. This will help them to remain comparatively calmer and keep their restlessness in check. Avoid things like cookies, chocolates, toffees etc.

10. Bring Along Older Children/Familiar Company

Toddlers try to follow the older children and tend to behave better when older kids are around. Also, in long travels, dealing with toddlers all by yourself can become very taxing. Try to bring along company who are familiar with the toddlers and with whom the toddlers are comfortable. This will ease your stress and give your little one more people to interact with.

If you follow these simple tips, travelling with toddlers is no more a task. Have fun while travelling and let your kids have fun too!

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Contributed By: Kriti Mazumdar


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  1. Now I know how you manage your trips kriti :)

    1. I do follow these steps to handle my super active toddler during travel...However, I also have a very understanding mother in law who often takes care of my baby when I am away travelling to unknown lands :)


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