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Chocolates are the most gracious treat one can have to soothe their taste buds. We have known several brands of chocolate like Lindt, Cadbur...

Chocolates are the most gracious treat one can have to soothe their taste buds. We have known several brands of chocolate like Lindt, Cadbury and Belgian which are famous all over the world. These brands have made their mark with their luscious taste and blissful variety and have captured the hearts of many. It is difficult to break their market but Patchi is one brand that has stepped into this chocolate world and successfully touched the hearts of people with their exquisite variety and exceptional chocolate flavors. Therefore, here are certain things you should know about this new chocolate sensation, so that you can enjoy their satiable treat.

Patchi chocolates have more than 50 flavors crafted with distinctive ingredients like dried fruits, nuts, gianduja etc. Some of their top varieties


It is a chic combination of milk chocolate and soft caramel with peanut cream center and a little touch of peanut pieces. If you are a peanut lover, this chocolate is definitely for your sweet buds. The peanut layer is covered with caramel mixture, which gives you a glazed flavor.


After peanuts, it is the bursting combination of milk chocolate with ground almonds, coated with a crunchy caramel touch. Thus, a crunchy almond wrapped around by the milk and caramel combination makes it a fabulous delight.


It is a gorgeous combination of milk chocolate and pistachio crunches. This milk chocolate is also a spectacular treat to enjoy.


It is one of those extraordinary flavors that can be tasted for a change of mood. This novel chocolate is a classic combination of cream cheese, strawberry jam and biscuits. All the cream cheese lovers should be tempting to taste it, in order to experience the unique flavored chocolate.


If you want to crave for Patchi luxury, then you must try this lavish chocolate. This is a chocolate fantasy that comes with a delicate combination of milk chocolate, ground aromatic pistachios and silky cotton candy. This heavenly treat is a bustling choice for chocolate lovers.

Dark Rocher:

Those who are addicted to dark chocolate will be amused to have this Dark Rocher. This Patchi selection is caramelized with dark chocolate, coating the almonds and making it a sinful chocolate experience for dark chocolate.


Those who love to have wafers dipped in chocolate lava, should go with this one. It is a combination of layered wafers drenched in the silky milk chocolate. Though the chocolate is buttery, it can be tasted for the love of wafers.

Ingredients Choice:

Patchi chocolates are made of some exquisite set of ingredients that are zesty in flavors. All of their chocolate products consist of cocoa butter, pure cocoa mass, vanilin and soya lecithin. There are no animal products being used in any of their products except dried cow milk used in milk chocolates. Dark chocolates have no such ingredient. Since the brand is Lebanese, hence they avoid the use of alcohol in any of their products claiming it to be halal.
Their no sugar added variety does not use usual sugar but instead use Maltitol as a substitute, to pour the ultimate sweetness in their chocolate products.
They use special Jordanian Almonds that are freshly roasted and glazed with sugar glaze. However you might find cow gelatin in this sugar glaze.
Their Gianduja Cream ingredients include some voluptuous ingredients like almond, hazelnut, cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, and skimmed milk powder.
Their extensive variety of chocolates consist of various nuts and fruits like pistachio, peanuts, dried strawberry and raisins etc.

Due to their diverse set of flavors and variety, these chocolates have trended exceptionally in the market and has mesmerized chocolate lovers with its ecstatic taste. You don't believe us? Try your favorite Patchi chocolate UK from the nearest store to find out.

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