9 Ways To Look & Feel Amazing

You can't look and feel good all the time, but you can definitely try. When you're feeling glum, there are lots of ways that you can...

You can't look and feel good all the time, but you can definitely try. When you're feeling glum, there are lots of ways that you can pull yourself out of that slump and cheer up. Sometimes you can start from the outside and work in. Make yourself look great, and you'll start to feel great on the inside. And sometimes you can improve your mood, and suddenly you feel more like getting dressed up and going out. If you're feeling a bit down and need a boost, choose one or more of these methods for making yourself look and feel amazing.

1. Get a Makeover

Sometimes you feel like you need to reinvent yourself completely. When you feel like it's time for a change, give yourself a complete makeover. You can get a new haircut or style, have your makeup done by a professional and buy some new clothes. Or why not have a makeover party with your girls? You can make each other over and enjoy the company of your best friends at the same time. Start by making yourself look great and your mood will soon follow. You'll feel amazing in no time, and once you're all dressed up you can go out for some fun or have a girly night in.

2. Have a Massage

Often when you're feeling strung out, you just need to relax. Having a massage is an incredible way to unwind and can make you feel completely boneless. There are lots of different massages to choose from, so pick one that suits you. You can have a Swedish massage, Thai massage or even a massage with hot stones. A skilled massage therapist will find all the places you're carrying tension and stress and get rid of them. You'll be so relaxed that you'll be struggling not to fall asleep on the massage table.

3. Buy Some Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie isn't for everyone, but if it's your sort of thing, then buying something new can make you feel fantastic. Whether you buy it just for yourself or to share with a partner, putting on a new lingerie set can make you feel more confident about your body. If you're shy about going into a store you can buy online, with websites like Le Beau. You can get anything from a cute bra and panties set to something a little more risque. But if you aren't ready to brand out to suspenders and stockings, there's always sexy nighties.

4. Do Some Exercise

You may not always look your best when you're exercising, but it certainly makes you feel good. It can be a struggle when you first get going, but you'll soon realize that the endorphins your brain is releasing are making you feel amazing. So go for a run, do some yoga or attend an aerobics class. You can even just dance around your bedroom or do some light stretches to get those endorphins going. Don't worry about how you look - no one cares if you look sweaty or even silly. But if you don't want to exercise around other people, it's perfectly fine to do it at home.

5. Have a Manicure or Pedicure

It's often just the little things that really make you smile. Having your nails done can make you feel much happier. You get a little bit of pampering all for yourself, a chat with the nail technician and a brand new look. Professional nails almost always look better than anything you can do at home, and they last longer too. It's great getting to wave your new nails around and attracting compliments. Even the knowledge of having a beautiful pedicure under your work shoes can make you feel great.

6. Eat a Healthy Meal

Good food will raise your mood, and a healthy meal will help you to feel even better about yourself. Healthy food doesn't have to be just salad and grains. There's a whole world of delicious, healthy food that you can eat to help you feel great. Have some yogurt with nuts and berries, some beautiful steamed fish and rice or a hearty vegetable stew. Your taste buds will be tingling, and you'll feel proud of yourself for eating such a healthy meal. You'll feel even better if you make your whole diet just as healthy, instead of making it an occasional thing.

7. Eat a Not So Healthy Meal

Sometimes healthy just won't do. It's not that you eat junk food all the time, but occasionally all you want is a burger or a big slab of chocolate. You only feel guilty about eating unhealthy food if you let yourself. Something greasy or fatty every once in a while isn't going to do you any harm. So if you would rather have something with lots of butter or want to eat a chocolate, go ahead. But don't eat too much, or you'll just feel worse!

8. Get Some Sleep

Sleep can do a person wonders. It's amazing to know the effect that lack of sleep can have on the human body. You can get stressed more easily and even become ill if you aren't getting enough sleep. So if you're feeling down or strung out, take to your bed. Have a nap in the middle of the day or just get a really good night's sleep. In the morning, you'll wake up refreshed and happier.

9. Enjoy the Sunshine

Sunshine has lots of health benefits. Although you should be careful not to spend too much time in the sun, it's important to make sure you catch some of those rays. As well as giving you a tan, the sun provides you with vitamin D. It also helps to boost your mood and make your feel amazing.

You can do some things to make you look and feel amazing every day while others are more of a special treat. To help yourself look and feel good every day, keep exercising and eating healthily as a matter of routine. Make sure you have a good beauty routine too, keeping your skin clean and soft at the very least.

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