10 Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

We all love a good slab of chocolate every now and then. But it seems there are plenty of reasons not to eat it. It can make us gain weight,...

We all love a good slab of chocolate every now and then. But it seems there are plenty of reasons not to eat it. It can make us gain weight, it's full of sugar and you know the rest. However, dark chocolate is full of great stuff that is actually very good for us. Take a look!

1. Dark Chocolate is full of nutrients

Nutrients are great for our bodies, and dark chocolate is full of them. You could almost call dark chocolate a vegetable! Many people like to try green smoothies to up the amount of nutrients they are consuming, but chocolate could be just as good.

2. Dark Chocolate contains anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants help to flush toxins from our bodies and make us healthier in general. Soon people will be eating dark chocolate on the side of their meal as if it's broccoli (I wouldn't cut out vegetables really).

3. Dark Chocolate helps lower the blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause all kinds of problems, so lower your blood pressure with a bit of dark chocolate. The yummy way to stay healthy!

4. Dark Chocolate could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease is nasty. So make sure you keep your system healthy with dark chocolate every once in a while. You can also try to stave it off by doing some activities that get your heart pumping faster.

5. Dark Chocolate may improve your brain function

Want to sound more intelligent? Do you wish to complete that crossword you've been stuck on? Studies suggest that a piece or two of dark chocolate could be the answer. It improves brain function!

6. Dark Chocolate could protect your skin

People who ate dark chocolate were more protected from the sun the next day, and didn't go as red as they usually do. This proves that dark chocolate protects the skin from the sun's harmful rays.

7. Dark Chocolate can help to burn fat

Many gym enthusiasts swear by the power of dark chocolate to help see more results. A piece or two before a gym session could burn more fat than usual, giving you better results! Are you tempted yet? 

8. Dark Chocolate can protect your teeth

While other forms of chocolate and sweets rot the teeth away, dark chocolate protects them. This is down to the cocoa included in the sweet treat. Never worry about the terrifying dentist again!

9. Dark Chocolate tastes delicious

Although there are loads of health benefits, you can't deny that dark chocolate tastes delicious too. It's definitely one of the best super foods out there. Make sure you choose the kind with nuts and fruit in to make it even healthier!

10. You deserve a treat

We all do treat ourselves every now and then, don't we? Go on, treat yourself! Remember, dark chocolate has a richer taste than regular chocolate, meaning you'll be satisfied after eating less. No more binging and then feeling awful for you!

Will you eat dark chocolate more after reading this post? I know I will! Leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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