Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla Review & Swatch

Lip gloss according to me is like the fun cousin of a lipstick. Lip gloss makes you feel young and fresh. At least that's how it makes ...

Lip gloss according to me is like the fun cousin of a lipstick. Lip gloss makes you feel young and fresh. At least that's how it makes me feel. I always carry a nude gloss in my bag as an emergency makeup arrangement. Trust me, it makes such a difference to a dull face at the end of the day. The product I am going to review today Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla. It was sent to me as a part of Diva Likes haul. The results I got with the product is completely different from the expectations I had with it. Read on to know how I rated it!

About Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla:

Get naughty Lakme Lip Gloss for irresistible lips with incredible high shine & three delicious flavors.
  • Vanilla
  • Bubble gum
  • Strawberry


175 INR for 15 ml

My Experience With Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla:

Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla comes in a see through plastic tube with a slanted tip applicator. Since the packaging is compact, you might think it is easy for travel. But you are wrong. Even though it comes with a screw type cap, the product starts leaking when moved around too much. Hence it is a little too messy for travel. It does not feel sticky on the lips but has a very fruity scent to it. The smell is a little too strong for me.

The applicator is slant tipped, hence making application quick and easy. When you look at the tube, the product inside seems very sheer. But it is actually nothing but a mildly tinted gloss with a huge amount of glitter particles. When applied, it gives a shimmery look which is very appropriate for evening time.

It lasts for not more than an hour after which the glossiness slowly starts fading away. Whilst fading, the glitter particles slowly start getting thrown all over the face, which I absolutely despise. So those with sensitive skin like me, better stay away from this lip gloss.

Pros Of Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla:
  • Great applicator.
  • Gives a glossy finish.

Cons Of Lakme Lip Gloss Vanilla:
  • Strong smell.
  • Not worth the price.
  • Bleeds glitter particles.
  • Staying power is poor.
  • Faulty packaging.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I'm not a fan of this product and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But for those who like the shimmer, can try it.

Contributed By: Supraja Prasad


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  1. Surprised to see the rating....I have used this in college but the strawberry shade...found it decent then!

    1. I wasn't impressed at all Lavs :( Maybe it was good back then!

  2. i have already ordered the strawberry and bubble gum flavour from the same range from nykaa . I am excited to try these babies out i hope it does not waste my money and let me down :( :):) have a nice time dolls :) :)


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