DIY : Heatless Curls With Socks

Hi angelic ladies! This is my first post on Diva Likes. I have been a silent reader of Diva Likes and now I am here as a contributor. I am g...

Hi angelic ladies! This is my first post on Diva Likes. I have been a silent reader of Diva Likes and now I am here as a contributor. I am going to start my journey with a DIY on how to curl your hair with socks. One feature that uniquely identifies a diva is her beautiful hair. But most of us damage our beauty by hurting it with scorching heat of dryers, straighteners and curlers. I often find that most of us love to have the hair style contrary of our hair type. The straight haired ones love curls and curly hair people love straight hair type. I am no exception in this list. I have very straight hair and often try ways to curl it up. I prefer curled ends as they look good on layered hair. But being more cautious about hair damage, I prefer heatless curls with socks which I am going to discuss today. Stay back and enjoy the DIY!

Things You'll Need:
  • Water (preferably in a spray bottle). You can even use a holding hair gel.
  • Comb.
  • 2 pairs of socks.


Separate hair into four sections. I prefer soft curls only at the ends. So I went with only 4 divisions. If you want tight curls, take small divisions of hair.
Apply hair gel or water on your parted hair. I have sprayed water on my hair.

Roll the hair using socks as shown in the picture. I wanted curls only at the end. Hence I rolled till that length only.

Knot the ends of the socks together to hold the hair tightly. If your hold is tight, your curls will be tight too. I made my curls holding them slightly loose. In case of hair popping out, use bobby pins. But it won't lead to much difference.

Repeat the same process on all sections. Leave it overnight and go to bed. You are going to wake up with those dream curls. You can do this after hair wash as wet hair is the key idea to hold the curls. To hold the curls for long time, use a hair spray. I used socks for better hold. You can use common cloth too.
Once you get up in the morning, untie the knots and enjoy your curls!

So how do you like my curls pretty ladies? Just image how it feels when your hair is saved from the burning heat and dryness. Its an amazing feeling. Isn't it? I love to have these curls to college and every time my curls dangle, I get reminded how affectionate I'm towards my hair. I always try to protect it from fancy curlers. Do you still need curlers after this DIY? Its time to start taking care of your hair!
Bye for now. Meet you soon with my next post!

Contributed By: Jaya Pradha


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  1. Welcome to Diva Likes Jaya Pradha! Wonderful post to start with...lovely DIY :)

  2. Such a useful DIY :) Thanks for sharing :)

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  4. Great diy..I tried it long ago n was happy with the result....u explained it v well...:):)

  5. Good post . thanku for sharing


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