Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum Review

Ciao Bellas! I am back after a short break of my tedious furniture shopping, house shifting and other house wife stuff. At least, I am happy...

Ciao Bellas! I am back after a short break of my tedious furniture shopping, house shifting and other house wife stuff. At least, I am happy that my house shifting shopping consists of aromatic candles. I always thought fragrances define your personality and moods. I believe great fragrances can bring out the best in a person. If I am wearing a fresh perfume, I feel confident and chirpy all day at work. If I am wearing something floral, I am in a mood to go out with my friends. If I am choosing a fruity fragrance, I may be in a little flirty mood. However, if I had to pick my signature style of scent it should have glimpses of both "Saint and Sinner" at the same time. That kind of smell will definitely define my personality and in the quest of the same I came across Ricci Ricci by Nina Ricci and could not help but buy it. I am reviewing the same today and I hope all the girls will find it helpful.

About Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum:

With the most diverse and delectable array of EDT perfumes and EDP perfumes, Nina Ricci is one label that has ruled the fragrance collection of fashionable women. Be it day wear or evening wear, the brand has perfumes for all occasions. Poured into creatively designed bottles, perfumes by Nina Ricci make for beautiful accessories.
This Eau de Parfum is created by Nica Ricci. The details include: top notes of rhubarb and bergamot; mid notes of datura; tuberose and tincture of rose; and base notes of sandalwood and patchouli. It is available in a bottle of 80 ml.


3400 INR for 80 ml

My Experience With Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum:

Ricci Ricci perfume comes in a wine colored semi-tinted bottle with a beautiful design of ribbons on it. There is a similar colored cap and a dispenser spray attached beneath. When I saw the dramatic bottle for the first time, I was truly intrigued. The appearance of the perfume gives an impression of beauty trapped in a mysterious little bottle. Its look goes well with the content inside which partially smells sweet and flowery with the right bit of naughtiness blended in it.

I could smell traces of innocence of the exotic flowers and yet it had a strong binding classy bit which made it perfect for ladies who love to have best of both worlds. If you are wearing it on a date or while going out with your friends or in a semi-formal meeting, you will still get full marks for wearing it. It is basically an all-in-one occasion perfume.

I love the fragrance of this perfume and find it very close to my personality. When I use it on my sensitive skin, it never irritates and when sprayed on a dress it stays all evening. I can even smell it the next morning on my dress. It draws compliments from both male and female fraternity. Though it is on the pricey side, I believe it is absolutely worth it.

Pros Of Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum:
  • Beautiful, girlie and bold fragrance
  • Apt for all occasions
  • Stays super long
  • Good with sensitive skin
  • Lovely packaging
  • Draws lot of compliments

Cons Of Ricci Ricci Nina Ricci Eau De Parfum:
  • Might not be loved by people who are into one tone of perfume at a time

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

If you are looking for a fragrance with sweet base and just a twist of naughtiness, this can be the perfect one. Do try it!

Contributed By: Amrita Priyadarsini


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  1. The packaging is so beautiful....loved it to the core but obviously its pricey!

  2. Yes it is pricey , but I believe its one product worth it :)

  3. Well written Amrita. Beautiful pictures! :)


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