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Here is a mix of attractive and trendy cakes by post you can afford to savor in style and elegance. Also, let's have a look at creamier...

Here is a mix of attractive and trendy cakes by post you can afford to savor in style and elegance. Also, let's have a look at creamier varieties from the online boutique to woo recipients.

Lemon Sponge Cake:

Lashings of butter cream flavored with natural lemon oil will keep you refreshed all through the day. This 3 inches high lemon sponge cake comes with lemon butter icing sandwiched with moist lemon sponge flavor, adding a zesty twist to the traditional afternoon cake. This yummy cake has a shelf life of 7 days and you can comfortably gift these hampers to your friends via post.

Almond Cake:

A traditional cake baked of rich almonds, vanilla, cream, butter, sugar and eggs to form a soft textured cake. These ingredients are freshly sourced from the local farm. Almond cakes simply taste delicious along with ice-cream. They also make a superb accompaniment along with afternoon tea as well. You can now gift exciting packs to near and dear ones.

Dundee Cake:

This cake is made from the best variety of fruits. It is truly a fruit cake to one's delight. The cake is fully garnished with whole crunchy almonds to take you to the seventh heaven. It makes an excellent companion for afternoon tea. You can gift it to near and dear ones while you can indulge in this yummy cake yourself.

Rich Mango Cream Cake:

This delectable pastry is made of vanilla, butter and cream covering the base. The top layer of the cake is poured with pure mango creamy pulp. This magical combination makes an awesome pick to celebrate birthdays and anniversary parties in style.

Vanilla Marble Cake:

Who says vanilla cakes are boring? This vanilla marble cake brings a whole new twist to the theory that vanilla cakes are the sober ones. This exotic pastry is made of rich creamy vanilla and butter forming the base. The top portion of the cake is intricately designed resembling a villa's marble floor. The cake is definitely going to land you up in cloud nine.

Chocolate Praline Cake:

This cake is bound to leave chocoholics to a complete mesmerizing feel. This lovely pastry is made of dark praline hard chocolate crusts. The top layer is superbly designed with fresh fruits and hard chocolate wafers on top. Yellow cherries are used to create a stunning garnishing effect. This cake is a must have for you to indulge in and gift packs to friends whom you love.

Fruit Gateau Cake:

This attractive creamy cake has cut assorted fruits on top. The fresh fruits include sliced pieces of orange, apples and strawberry. This is definitely a fruity cake you can simply rave about.

Berry Fruit Cake:

Think strawberries, cranberries, cherries all in one and this fruity punch cake has it all. The creamy strawberry flavored base has thick crusts of wafer biscuits covering the outer circumference of the cake. The attractive topping include strawberry, kiwi and sugar icing. Go for the indulgent pastry yourself.

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