Top 10 Lipstick Shades Of 2014

I love lipsticks and I am sure most of you do. The shades of lipsticks we prefer have changed so much over the years. Before it was all reds...

I love lipsticks and I am sure most of you do. The shades of lipsticks we prefer have changed so much over the years. Before it was all reds and pinks but now you have a vibrant range of shades which all of us flaunt with absolutely no hesitation. I have my personal favorites too. So based on the demand and some research, I have come up with a list of top 10 lipstick shades every woman should have. These shades can be called the "Lipstick shades of 2014". These are colors which are in vogue, which attract women and are being worn by most of us in 2014. Read on to know how many of them you have and how many you didn't try at all!

1) Tomato Red:

This is an all time favorite. This shade is probably the most primitive one. It is something which attracted our grandmothers and great aunts back then. This trend is now back. So grab yourself one of these beauties making your lips look fresh and plump.
Lipstick Swatch: Colorbar

2) Orange:

This is my personal favorite of 2014. When I was a kid I used to love having soft drinks which left an orange tint on my lips. It seems like I still love it. Orange lipstick is a vibrant shade which comes in different variations making it possible for girls with different complexions take a jump at it.
Lipstick Swatch: Maybelline Bold Matte 3

3) Coral:

It is a pink shade with a twist. Aptly being named after the semi precious stone, it is a widely loved shade among women. It is perfect for a romantic evening or a wedding. It is accepted as both a loud shade and a mild one based on the occasion.
Lipstick Swatch: Maybelline Bold Matte 2

4) Orange meets Coral:

We girls are often in situations where we can't choose between two shades. You can rely on this one in such confused situations. When you want it to be pretty but at the same time want it bold, this is the perfect lipstick shade to go for.
Lipstick Swatch: Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3

5) Rusty Nude:

The beautiful copper which gives the lips a great nude look is another color girls seem to be all over this year. The rusty shades which come with a mild shimmer are the ones we need to have in our purse this summer.
Lipstick Swatch: Colorbar Sheer Creme Lipstick Brown

6) Mauve:

A great shade for fair complexion, mauve is also one of the must have in the year 2014. Almost maroon with a magenta twist is what every girl would love to flaunt. As much as I love this shade, I need to admit that my mom is an ardent fan of it too.
Lipstick Swatch: Lakme 9-5, Fig

7) Electric Pink:

It is a bright pink giving the shocking effect. Perfect for a day out with your friends or a movie. The shade makes you feel young and is so 2014. Grab one for yourself girls.
Lipstick Swatch: Maybelline Color sensational Lip Gloss, Electric Pink

8) Toffee:

Who will not love a shade like melted diary milk? It makes your lips look luscious and inviting. This shade is dark brown color and is perfect for almost any occasion. I like this best for office wear. It gives a nice finish on my lips complementing with the rest of my look.
Lipstick Swatch: Lakme 9-5, Brownie Point

9) Bubble Gum:

A light pink shade which would look great with a peach dress. It almost has a whitish tint to it which makes it one of the loved shades of 2014. This will be perfect for a dinner party with your family.
Lipstick Swatch: Lakme 9-5, Pink Colar

10) Rose Berry:

A very traditional shade which has been around as long as the reds and the maroons. It is a very juicy shade perfect for a bride. I would love to wear this to a wedding as it is a great shade to depict celebration.
Lipstick Swatch: Maybelline Color sensational Moisture Lipstick

These are the Top 10 Lipstick Shades 2014 which are currently trending in the market. Which is your favorite shade you are using currently? Do let us know!

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Contributed By: Supraja Prasad


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  1. I love all these shades...nicely compiled Supraja :)

  2. Lovely compilation............ I love true corals and orangy corals

  3. Coral will always be my numner one! :-)

  4. corals and oranges are my all time favorite:)

  5. Lovely compilation dear...Corals and reds are my fav <3 <3


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