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Wall decals are the finest approach to turn your home into a place of nirvana. Be it your living room, bed room, nursery, kid’s room, play r...

Wall decals are the finest approach to turn your home into a place of nirvana. Be it your living room, bed room, nursery, kid’s room, play room, guest room or office – wall decals are the most enjoyable thing to see and a pleasure to experience it around. Having wall decals not only changes the appearance of your room but also creates your own little world surrounded by what you like the most. That is when various themes of wall decals come into picture. is an online shopping site which specializes in producing customized wall decals designs. They have popular themes like Jungle Safari, Forest Nature, Sea Ocean, Modern Abstract, Adventure Tale and Smart & Tidy. The matchless and eye-catching designs of Evgie make them diverse in the market and certainly worth a buy.

The wall decals are easy to apply, easy to remove, easy to tailor to a specific wall or surface. Be it large wall decals or smaller ones, all varieties are available based on your choice at Evgie. If you are looking for some ideas for kid’s room, then they have exquisitely designed baby and kids wall decals with pictures of animals, trees, birds, fairy etc. to brighten up the look of the room and create a lively atmosphere for the kids.

Walls look dull and make the ambiance boring if they are plain. If you think of going for wall decals, it is surely going to be a great decision which you would never regret. For water lovers, Evgie has an Underwater Wall Decal which is handmade and tailored as per your specification. The effervescence of coral reefs, the covert of ships and the wonder of exotic fish looks great. Going for this wall decal will surely turn your room into a water world.

For grown-ups who love forests and nature, Evgie has special wall decals to keep you closer to greenery and countryside. Wild Life Silhouette Wall Decal is handmade, styled and tailored to your specifications. This wall decal will assuredly create a relaxing and calming look. Deer and Woodpecker sticker will bring serenity into any room.

In addition to the wonderful wall decals available, Evgie also offers customized wall decals to suit your tastes and personality. Even the width and height can be adjusted as per your request to suit your wall. If you want any particular design, all you need to do is let them know and your customized wall decal will be ready. Choose your color, design, height, width etc. and give a personal touch to your wall decals.

The application of wall decals is quite simple. They are easy to decorate and will give you a personal touch to your home or office. All the decals designed at Evgie are handmade, specially taken care of and cut in-house. The elements are separate and all you have to do is install as given on the picture and adjust to your wall height. Evgie now offers free shipping in USA/Canada if you use "FreeShp" coupon at checkout. You can also avail free shipping worldwide for orders above $150.

Visit, place an order and get it delivered as soon as possible. They now have a promotion going on where you have spring sale 20% off on any item. You can now visit Etsy Evgie Shop and order products from there too!


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