Gala Of London Volume Mascara Review

Mascara is an inevitable part of eye makeup. For people like me who do not prefer over the top makeup for day-to-day life, a dash of kohl, m...

Mascara is an inevitable part of eye makeup. For people like me who do not prefer over the top makeup for day-to-day life, a dash of kohl, mascara and lip balm would be an essential part of makeup. I love applying false eyelashes but I find it very tough to handle. Only a good mascara can make up to this. I have used many brands of mascara and I recently bought Gala Of London Volume Masacara. The wand looked very impressive and moreover it was waterproof. It was time I needed waterproof masacara to beat this melting heat. So I got myself Gala of London Volume Mascara which I am going to review today.

About Gala Of London Volume Mascara:

Our finest mascara yet. This volume booster mascara will darken, thicken, lengthen and define your eye lashes. This thick water resistant formula will enhance the volume of the eye lashes.


250 INR for 6.5 ml

Shelf Life:

Nothing mentioned on the package but generally we need to change our mascara in 6 months.

Directions For Use:

Apply gently. Wait for one minute before you proceed to apply more makeup.

My Experience With Gala Of London Volume Mascara:

The mascara comes in a navy blue fat tube. The company name is printed on the tube in silver color. The cap of the mascara tube is uniquely shaped. The consistency of the mascara is semi-liquid and dries up pretty fast. The wand is nicely dense which distributes the product evenly on the lashes. The mascara provides some length to my short lashes. I have very sparse lashes and it clumps up in certain places. I need to brush my lashes to separate the clumps. I am very disappointed with its staying power. It does not hold my curls for more than 1-2 hours. After that they come back to as they were. Another thing I felt irritated about this product is that it weighs down my lashes. I feel as if I am carrying a burden on my eyelashes and it feels very uncomfortable. Overall I am disappointed with this product and regret a lot for purchasing it.

Pros Of Gala Of London Volume Mascara:
  • Affordably priced.
  • Attractive and elegant packaging.
  • Easy to use dense wand which distributes the product evenly.
  • Lengthens up to some extent.

Cons Of Gala Of London Volume Mascara:
  • No thickening of the lashes as claimed by the product.
  • Weighs down the lashes and makes it uncomfortable.
  • Difficult to use on lower lashes as the wand is very fat.
  • Very bad staying power.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I would not recommend this mascara to anyone. I regret purchasing it as it does not live up to its claims at all. It weighs down the lashes and feels very heavy. Moreover, it has a bad staying power. This happens to be one of my worst buys ever.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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