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At some point or the other, we all get bored with home cooked food and end up in restaurants. Apart from the food, what makes a restaurant a...

At some point or the other, we all get bored with home cooked food and end up in restaurants. Apart from the food, what makes a restaurant attractive is its ambience. A perfect ambience for a restaurant depends on the decoration, floral arrangement, tableware and cutlery which play a major role in the appearance of the restaurant. If you keep the decoration and floral arrangement aside, tableware needs to be quite impressive which can add to the look of your food. After all, food is what the customer ends up coming for.
I have always been a huge fan of which is a leading online supplier of discount, eco-friendly and wholesale restaurant supplies. They have such huge range of stylish products which are totally appealing and can make your food even better when served in it.

The best looking and natural cutlery is the one made with disposable bamboo. This is the best way to care about our planet as well as have an ecstatic sense of taste for our plates. has a wide variety of bamboo plates, bamboo skewers, knotted picks, bamboo canoes etc. will add to the creativity of your tableware surely.

The best way to display the look of your delicacies is to choose plastic so that it gives a peep into the yummy delights hidden inside. If you are looking for a rich and elegant collection of plastic supplies, then you are at the right place. Plastic cups, plastic plates, disposable mini dishes, party supplies, tasting spoons etc. you have all at one place and probably these are the best you will ever find!

If you are looking for an alternate metal flatware, then porcelain products are the best. They have flatware which includes spoons, tableware with mini cups and everything which you can use in your cooking and catering function. They add a classy look to your lunch or dinner and are quite durable.

If you are tired of putting too much thought into creativity, it is time to rest. You can now save your time and energy by making use of appetizing jellies, spreads, shells and cones available at All these are edible and of different shapes and sizes. Make your desserts and dishes even more delicious with these edibles.

This is just a sample and there is much more wonderful tableware of different types available at You can place an order and get it shipped the same day. Restaurantware accepts orders from all around the globe and they offer free shipping for orders above $500.
It's time to give your restaurant/home a new look with some fantastic products from Go ahead and shop!

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  1. Wow the pics are tempting me to buy them and eat them right now

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  2. The idea of cutlery made with bamboo is very unique and new Lavanya..

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  3. Yes Lavanya im nepali and I hve seen people cooking momos in bamboo steamers! They look so cute..:)

  4. such nice collection and bamboo steamers interesting....

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