Marble Effect Nail Art Tutorial

I am back with a super easy and unique nail art tutorial for you all. Few days back I saw Water Marble Nail Art on youTube. It was so beauti...

I am back with a super easy and unique nail art tutorial for you all. Few days back I saw Water Marble Nail Art on youTube. It was so beautiful and unique. I immediately tried it but failed miserably. All I was left with was a badly stained nail. But I desperately wanted to get the marbled effect on my nails. That is when I came up with this nail art tutorial. This nail art gives you beautiful marble effect nails in just few minutes. You will also have to bear with the mess it creates. But I will let you know how to clean it up and make things better. So without any delay let's get started with the tutorial.

Things You Will Need:
  • Base nail color of your choice
  • Nail color for creating the effect (Try choosing contrasting colors. If you choose a light base shade then take a dark shade for creating the effect. If you choose a dark base try a light color for the effect.)
  • A Piece of plastic or cling film (Crumple it to make a small ball)
  • Shiny top coat
  • Some Q tips for cleaning
  • Nail polish remover


Paint your nails with a base nail color. Let it dry completely or else it will mess up.

Pour a drop or two of the second nail color on a piece of paper. Take your crumpled ball of plastic and pick up some color. Dab off excess color on the paper.

Before the polish on the plastic dries, dab it on one nail at a time. Cover the entire surface to create a marbled effect.

Let your nails dry completely and then apply a top coat. To clean up the mess, dip a Q tip in nail polish remover and clean the edges of your nails.
You are done with the beautiful Marble Effect Nail Art. It is time to admire your work.

I just love the effect this simple technique creates. I remember the first time I wore this nail art, a lady in a public bus asked me anxiously which nail paint I was wearing. Though I could not narrate the whole process to her, I just said it is a nail art. So girls, do try this nail art as it is super fun to do and does not require any artistry.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. This is a lovely nail art Divya...

  2. Wow! How innovative! I like the marble effect!

  3. oooh that is pretty and seems quite easy . Beautifully explained dearie! I shall surely give it a try!

  4. Its super easy Lisha do try it and share with us:)


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