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How can we not talk about the television series Army Wives in Diva Likes which mainly caters to women audience? Putting an end to it, here w...

How can we not talk about the television series Army Wives in Diva Likes which mainly caters to women audience? Putting an end to it, here we are with one of the best American Television Series all the wives would surely love to watch. Not just the wives, all the women will enjoy this series. Army Wives is a story of army lives and the usual drama and happenings in their lives. If you think being in the army is tough which it is, being an army wife is also tough. That is what you get to see here. The story of four army wives and an army husband, their friendship, their happiness, their sorrow, the tragic ends, the tensions and the wars. It showcases everything and brings us closer to the world of army people. The year 2014 marks an end to this wonderful series which lasted for 8 seasons. Let's have a peep at some of the characters of the show.

If you want to talk about a motherly figure, best friend, best mother and best wife in the series – it has to be the character Claudia Joy Holden portrayed by Kim Delany. She is one beautiful lady who happens to be the wife of General, yet she is friendly with other wives irrespective of their position in the army. She is definitely an interesting army wife to watch out.

It is always important to realize yourself and your inner strengths. No matter at what point in life you are, you can always start a new phase if you want to. That is what the character of Denise Sherwood depicts. This is a wonderful character portrayed by Catherine Bell who overcomes the abuse of her son, realizes her fault after cheating her husband, lives her dream of serving patients at hospital and evolves into a better person over the course of time.

Roxy Leblanc played by Sally Pressman is a loving, honest and outspoken wife among all the army wives. She is always ready to voice her opinion and gets into trouble at times due to that. The relation she has with her husband and kids is cute to watch. She is a good and friendly person who runs a bar and also manages her family well.

Another interesting character in the show is Pamela Moran who is an ex-cop married to a Seargent. Brigid Brannagh played this role to perfection. Pamela has a huge problem with her husband's job in the army as she feels there is no family time left. She is shown as a rough character at times but then again is shown as the most vulnerable person. She is in fact a mixture of both and is ready to do anything for her friends.

Colonel Joan Burton is a dedicated woman towards her job. She is the best at her work but has issues back home with her husband. The way she handles her job, her home and baby is what we can see during the course of the show. Her husband is the only army husband among the main characters we get to see whereas the rest are all army wives.

Though these are the main characters in the show, there are also many interesting new characters introduced in each season. You will surely enjoy watching this series as it is not just about the war and army but it is definitely much more than that.
Do enjoy watching Army Wives and we will be back sharing our thoughts on yet another wonderful series and introduce you to many more television shows to watch out.

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