Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel Review

Hello beauties! Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite product - Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel. A scrub is an exfoliati...

Hello beauties! Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite product - Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel. A scrub is an exfoliation product made to make your skin brighter by removing the dead cells and revealing a brighter, younger layer of skin. A face scrub has small granules that help in light massage and give a better exercise to the pores which makes the pores clean. In this case, scrub works better than a face wash. I believe that scrubbing is a very essential part of a good skin care regime. Be it face scrubbing or body scrubbing, I am very regular at both.

About Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel:

A gel based scrub which cleanses the dead skin and gives bright tone to the skin.


INR 125 for 40 gms

Shelf Life:

36 months

Key Ingredients:

Walnut grains, Carrot seed oil.

Directions For Use:

Gently scrub the gel evenly with finger tips and clean after 5 minutes.

My Experience With Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel:

Since I always had good experiences with Nature's Essence products, I decided to order this scrub gel online. The scrub gel has tub packaging which is not hygienic. But it surely is travel friendly and sturdy. The scrub gel smells good and it is light brown in color with minute dark brown and a few white particles. The texture is more like a gel, as specified in the name. Since the name is scrub gel, I didn't expect it to be creamy. The scrub gel has a nice consistency and is easy to work with. Dry skinned girls might want to add something to it while scrubbing to make it creamier to work with. The scrub works amazingly well and it reduces tan upon regular use. Once I had to stay under direct sun for about an hour and I was not wearing sunscreen. I had a function to attend the next day and I tanned myself severely. I cannot thank this scrub gel enough as it made my skin just the way it was before the sun exposure. I used this scrub gel within half an hour of getting back home and it made my tan go away as if it was never there. This is by far the best scrub I have ever used. It never broke me out. It is not very gentle on skin but I have never experienced any problem with it. You should note that I have sensitive skin. This is my HG scrub and I use it whenever I feel like my skin needs some brightness.

Pros Of Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel:
  • Easily available and affordable
  • Brightens the skin on use
  • Never breaks out the skin
  • Removes the tan on regular use
  • Works wonders for the skin
  • A little goes a long way

Cons Of Nature's Essence Platinum Rose Scrub Gel:
  • Unhygienic tub packaging

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I would definitely recommend it to every girl out there and I will re-purchase it too. This is my second tub and I already ordered another one. Do I need to say more? It is a total value for money product.

Contributed By: Princa


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  1. Different scrubs work different on my sensitive skin so even it being a great product - I might give it a skip .. Nicely Reviewed Dear :)

  2. I didnt expect it to turn out so good Princa...looks like worth a try!

  3. wow that is so easy on the pocket. Great review :)


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