Nature's Essence Oxypeel Scrub Review

Today I am going to review yet another scrub but this time it is from Nature's Essence. It is an Oxypeel Scrub which claims to remove bl...

Today I am going to review yet another scrub but this time it is from Nature's Essence. It is an Oxypeel Scrub which claims to remove blackheads and dead cells. Since this is a cream based scrub, I was really looking forward to try it. A scrub is very useful for proper exfoliation of the top layer of our skin. It removes dirt and dead skin cells thus revealing cleaner, brighter and younger skin. Apart from using a scrub on my face, I also tend to scrub my whole body twice a week. I thought I could make the best use of this scrub and ended up buying it. To check if it clicked or flopped, read on!

About Nature's Essence Oxypeel Scrub:

Oxygen rich and walnut grains enriched this very gentle helps in dislodging blackheads and dead cells. As this is a cream based scrub, this scrub doesn't dry skin like other hard scrubs.


Rs.150/- for 100 gms

Shelf Life:

36 months

Key Ingredients:

Walnut grains, Almond Oil, Orange Oil

Directions For Use:

Gently massage the creamy scrub on a wet face for 3-5 mins till the time cream is absorbed into the skin and the grains are left. Then gently cleanse the surface with wet cotton or with water for a refreshed looking skin.

My Experience With Nature's Essence Oxypeel Scrub:

I was truly impressed with this brand as it delivers wonderful products at a very affordable price. I became a huge fan of Nature's Essence after using few products. So I purchased this scrub hoping it would turn out good. The scrub comes in a big tub packaging which is sturdy and travel friendly. It comes with a lid to prevent spillage. But then I consider the tub packing unhygienic. The scrub has a mild fragrance and is off white in color with brown granules. As specified, the texture is creamy and spreads wonderfully well. I find it a little harsh as a face scrub. Also, it broke me out terribly! I must mention here that a very few things are actually capable of doing so. I rarely faced such problem with my skin. This scrub is now a strict no for my face. So I use it as a body scrub only. It works well as a body scrub as I found my skin became clearer and brighter with regular use. It also helped in removing tan from my body. Only a little quantity is required for each use. All in all, it is an average body scrub but for the face, I don't recommend this as we have much better options in the market.

Pros of Nature's Essence Oxypeel Scrub:
  • Very affordable
  • A little goes a long way
  • Removed body tan, cleared skin. Works good as a body scrub

Cons of Nature's Essence Oxypeel Scrub:
  • Not suitable for face
  • Unhygienic packaging
  • Broke me out
  • Oxypeel seems to be just a marketing funda

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Final Note:

It is definitely not a product worth buying. I don't recommend it to be used as a face scrub. It works well as a body scrub only. I am surely not going to purchase it again.

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  1. Cream based scrub being harsh on skin is too bad! Total dud...nice review Princa :)

    1. Yeah Lavanya it is a disappointment! Glad you liked it

  2. Oh no! I will stay! thanks for the info! :)

  3. Oh this is quiet disappointing!
    Check out my haul and do drop a comment. :)

  4. Even I have tried it, Not worth buying again.

  5. Such a Dud product :( .. Thanks for the helpful review dear :)

  6. ughhh such a disappointment! I've never been really fond of this brand! Great review darling!


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