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From the day I created this website my only intention was to write about anything and everything a woman would love to read about. So here w...

From the day I created this website my only intention was to write about anything and everything a woman would love to read about. So here we are expanding our interests and getting into the entertainment mode with TV/Movies topic. Hopefully you will enjoy this category as much as you enjoy the rest.
The first name which came into my mind when I thought about my favorite television series was the very famous Desperate Housewives. This is one show which every woman will surely enjoy watching. If you think it's all about a bunch of housewives bitching and blabbering, then you are wrong! It has everything – be it comedy, drama, romance, fights, mystery, cheating, extra-marital affairs and of course the bitching and blabbering part too. This show is about group of women and their lives who reside in Wisteria Lane. The story is over a span of 13 years which is covered in 8 seasons. Let me give you an idea of the plot and take you through the main women characters of this show so that you will get to know what this show is like!

One of the main characters and my most favorite in the show is Gabrielle Solis portrayed by Eva Longoria. This character is not only the best-looking and well-dressed but also full of energy and witty one-liners. She starts off the series as a selfish, full of attitude and self-centered wife who marries a wealthy man and then has an affair with her young hot gardener. She boasts about giving up on her modeling career for marriage which was anyways coming to an end. As the time goes by she turns into this loving, caring, better person who tries not to repeat the mistakes she did. Overall, Gabrielle Solis is a lovable, super witty and adorable character.

Lynette Scavo is another wonderful character played by Felicity Huffman. This character is something every wife and mother would relate to. She is sometimes seen like a housewife and sometimes as a working woman in the series. She is someone who loves her husband and kids more than anything else. Lynette is super humorous and the scenes between her and her husband are hilarious to watch. She is demanding in a cute way which you cannot say no to. The ups and downs of this character are a treat to watch.

Bree Van De Kamp alias Bree Hodge played by Marcia Cross is one of the main characters again who wants to be perfect in everything but has too many imperfections in life, be it her family life, work life or anything around. Her facial expressions are a treat to watch as she prefers not to disclose her feelings. She has this straight face with a smile for even the worst of situations and you get amazed seeing her at some instances. The delicious part is she is a wonderful cook and baker and everyone around relish her recipes. You will surely love watching her expressions more than anything else.

Susan Mayer is another character who is a hopeless romantic and falls in and out of love every now and then on the show. But her true love is her second husband whom she marries twice on the show. Teri Hatcher played this role of Susan perfectly. Susan is comedic, vulnerable and is always in the midst of trouble. She is a truly entertaining character in the show.

Now that we are done with the four main protagonists of the show, let me introduce you a bit to the other characters of the show.
Mary Alice Young played by Brenda Strong is a character which gets killed in the first episode of the show but keeps coming in flashback scenes. She is also the narrator of the story.

Edie Britt played by Nicollette Sheridan is not the typical housewife and is always hooked up with men. She wants to look super sexy and is always in skimpy clothes.

Renee Pery played by Vanessa Williams is a party kind of girl and a friend of Lynette Scavo. She shows up as a character later in the show and is fun to watch.

Katherine Mayfair played by Dana Delany is another interesting character with a mystery in her life which gets revealed in the show over the time.

Hope the above introduction helped you get a hint of how this series is like. Desperate Housewives caters not only to women but also to men. Everyone has something or the other to watch in this show. If you have access, do not miss watching it. You can also get a dvd or Netflix connection and watch it. Either ways, this series is not something to be missed!


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