VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm Review

You will hardly come across a woman who doesn't use lip balm. Not only women who do makeup, but also the ones who prefer natural look re...

You will hardly come across a woman who doesn't use lip balm. Not only women who do makeup, but also the ones who prefer natural look rely on lip balm. People use lip balms for various reasons - to cover chapped lips, to make the lips look plump, to hydrate the lips etc. Lip balm is one thing I use throughout the day. Yes, you heard it right. Not for any other reason but to avoid chapped lips. So, whenever I feel my lips are dry I use it. During my last shopping trip, I picked up VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm. VLCC Daily Protect Lip Balm has different flavors like honey, mango, orange and strawberry. These are the best flavors one would definitely love to have in a lip balm. I love cherries and I thought I would enjoy this flavor on my lips.

About VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm:

This moisture rich formula soothes and conditions lips, keeping them soft and supple.
SPF 15 protects from harmful effects of sun.
Light, non greasy formula, provides long lasting moisture, leaving the lips supple and hydrated.
Continued use makes lips soft and healthy.


Rs.49/- for 4 g

Shelf Life:

36 months

Directions For Use:

Glide on lips for soft, moisturized lips. Use daily. Apply as often as desired.

Key Ingredients:

Cherry Extract, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Zinc Oxide, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Dimethicon

My Experience With VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm:

The one thing I look for when purchasing a lip balm is it has to be stick. I don't like the pot ones where you have to apply using fingers as I feel it is totally unhygienic. The packing of this lip balm is simple but the only disadvantage is it is easy twist the stick and gets the balm out but at times it gets stuck. I have to push it to let it go in and then seal the balm.

The balm is reddish orange in color and has a mild cherry flavor. Its mild aroma is ideal for a lip balm. It has the goodness of shea butter , cocoa butter, cherry extract, castor oil etc. which are good for lips. On application, it glides easily on the lips and gives the lips slight red shade. It doesn't add much color to the lips. So, people who are conscious of it can relax. I had chapped lips problem sometime back and it got healed on using this regularly. The lip balm stays only for 2 hours and we need to re-apply it. Also this lip balm bleeds a bit in hot climate. That is a major drawback of this lip balm. But we can't expect miracles from it as this comes at a very affordable price. Though this is not the best lip balm I used, I don't mind trying other flavors of this lip balm later. All in all, VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm is an okay product for me.

Pros Of VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm:
  • Provides moisture to the lips
  • Heals chapped lips on regular usage
  • The price is affordable
  • The smell is mild and perfect for a lip balm
  • Doesn't add much color to the lips

Cons Of VLCC Daily Protect Cherry Lip Balm:
  • At times the balm gets stuck outside and twisting the stick doesn't help
  • Need to re-apply every 2 hours
  • Bleeds slightly in hot climate

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

This is neither a wow product nor a dud product. We need to re-apply constantly and it bleeds in hot climate making it an average product. But it is priced less and has various flavors for which it can be tried once.


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  1. The tint looks pretty :) Might be a good option for summer time when we dont need heavy duty moisturisation

    1. But it bleeds in hot climate...not so good for summers

  2. Nice Review Dear :) .. Its a lovely tinted one but I'm currently hooked onto Baby Lips <3

  3. I used it while I was in collge...Its a lovely balm but just bleeds in summers so much...Lovely Review hun :) <3


    1. Thanks Saniya....yeah its nice but not for hot climate


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