How To Keep Your Feet Beautiful

In school days, I had chapped feet with dead skin and I never bothered to set it right. It was only when my mom scolded me, I used to apply ...

In school days, I had chapped feet with dead skin and I never bothered to set it right. It was only when my mom scolded me, I used to apply some foot cream. My cousin always used to tease me a lot about it. She used to tell me that the person who maintains healthy and beautiful feet is the one who is actually well-groomed. But as I grew up, I started paying attention to my feet. One reason was to show off my heels and sandals and I cannot do that with cracked and dirty feet.
Our feet get exposed to a lot of dirt and dust on a daily basis and it is important to take extra care. I soak, scrub and moisturize them regularly at home in addition to the normal salon pedicures. I am now very conscious about my feet as I am about my face. This was hardly the case earlier. Getting a pedicure done regularly may not be possible for everyone in today's busy life. Even then you can maintain healthy and good looking feet by doing few things and spending sometime towards foot care. Follow these steps, pamper your feet and make them look beautiful. It is definitely not a thing to be neglected!

  • Whenever you get time, remove nail color and soak your feet in warm water by adding salt and essential oil of your choice for 10-15 minutes. You can even add some flowers to get a relaxed and spa feel. This will remove all the dirt and dust from your feet. Once done, use a towel to dry your feet.
  • Srubbing your feet will help you remove the dead skin and prevents chapped feet. There are many foot scrubs available in the market which you can make use of. You can also remove the dead skin using a pumice stone.
  • Cut your nails regularly and shape them as you prefer. Take good care of your cuticles by using cuticle oil or cream to soften the nails. This will make your feet look neat.

  • Moisturize your feet daily with a foot cream before you go to bed. Wear your socks and leave it overnight. You can wash your feet the next day and experience soft feet.
  • Select right shoes and sandals which fit your feet correctly. Never wear tight and uncomfortable shoes as that leads to additional problems. Make sure you maintain your socks and shoes well.
  • Apply nail color as it adds to the look of your feet but it is also good to go natural once in a while with no color.

To all the diva's out there who want to flaunt their beautiful feet, I hope these tips are helpful.
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