Coloressence Pre Make Up Base Review

Hello everyone! I am back with yet another review. This time I shall review Coloressence Pre Make Up Base. Makeup base or primer is used be...

Hello everyone! I am back with yet another review. This time I shall review Coloressence Pre Make Up Base.
Makeup base or primer is used before applying makeup just like how a painter primes the surface he is going to paint for smoothing it out. It ensures smooth, flawless, effortless application of your makeup and avoids creasing. In addition to making the colors more vibrant, it also elongates the duration for which your makeup stays put. Whether your skin is oily or dry, acne-prone or sensitive, you can use a primer, since the moisture it imparts comes via silicone, not oil. When you use a primer on areas that tend to be oily, like the T-zone of the nose or the eyelids, makeup tends to adhere better and last longer. Apart from face primers, eye shadow primers, lash primers and lip primers are also available. A renowned dermatologist Dr. Amy Taub says, "Primer creates a protective barrier over the skin, as well as seals in and protects any treatment products used during your daily skincare regimen". Since I wanted to buy a makeup primer that was effective as well as pocket friendly, I ordered this online.

About Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:

Give your skin an instantly fresh and youthful glow with this pre make up base. This special make up base makes your makeup truly international and flawless in appeal. It will not only create a perfect canvas to paint a flawless look, but it will also help it last all day.


Rs.500/- for 20 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months

Active Ingredients:

Vitamin E, wheat germ oil, dimethicone

Directions For Use:

Take a pea sized amount and apply evenly on your face and neck using a stippling brush or fingers.

My Experience With Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:

This was the first ever cosmetic of the Coloressence brand that I had tried. I must say that this brand is giving total value-for-money products to its customers. Coming to the packaging, it is simple yet classy. It comes in a transparent tube with screw cap which is black in color.
The primer has a gel-like consistency. The texture is easy to work with and spreads evenly. Only a pea sized amount is enough for face and neck. The foundation glides on very smoothly after applying this makeup base. It is colorless and odorless. It will suit all skin types.
It does make makeup stay for longer and minimizes creasing also. It also makes the color payoff of eye shadows and blushes look more vibrant. It makes my skin super silky and smooth. This is my second tube of this primer and I surely recommend this to everyone.

Pros Of Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:
  • Travel friendly and is suitable for all skin types
  • Clear packaging allows us to know about the quantity of the product left
  • Reduces pore size and easy to blend
  • Pea sized amount is enough to cover face and neck
  • Price is reasonable compared to other primers
  • Gives a flawless, smooth and silky base which provides even application of makeup over it
  • Makes the makeup last longer

Cons Of Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:
  • Limited availability
  • Entire ingredients list is not present

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I love this primer and would recommend it to all the ladies who wish to use a primer without burning a hole in the pocket. This is my second tube and I will definitely buy it again!

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