Soulflower Tea Tree Soap Review

Tea tree is one of the famous products which is loved by oily skin people. I am one among them. It not only helps to treat acne but also kee...

Tea tree is one of the famous products which is loved by oily skin people. I am one among them. It not only helps to treat acne but also keeps your skin away from body odor, cold, cough and sunburns.
After reading so many benefits about tea tree, I thought of giving Soulflower Tea Tree Soap a try. I am totally in love with this soap from Soulflower. Read ahead to know what made me like this soap.

About Soulflower Tea Tree Soap:

Tea tree oil is regarded as one of the strongest natural antiseptic known to man. Because of its ability to inhibit and kill growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, it makes a great medicinal soap cuts and scraps as well as multi-purpose antibacterial and facial soap for everyday use. All you smell is the invigorating , minty smell of tea tree oil.


Rs.200/- for 150 gms

Shelf Life:

3 years


Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, Aqua, Permitted Edible Aroma, Saponified Oils Of Coconut, Castor, Olive, Palm & Palm Kernel.

My Experience With Soulflower Tea Tree Soap:

It is an opaque soap having black granules in it. The moment you open the pack, you will get a strong smell of tea tree oil which will disappear slowly. I like the smell but I don't think it will be preferred by many as it is herbal smell.
It lathers well and cleans the skin without making it dry and stretchy. Once the soap starts melting, black granules in it will come on the top which will be hard for skin. It is not ideal to rub the soap directly on skin.
I can say this is a product for herbal lovers and people with oily skin. I personally love herbal products and I liked this soap. It made my skin soft and I will buy this product again.

Pros Of Soulflower Tea Tree Soap:
  • 100% natural with no animal testing
  • Lathers well
  • Easily available
  • Mild soap which cleans the skin well without leaving it dry
  • Contains no artificial fragrance
  • Does not melt quickly like other Soulflower soaps

Cons Of Soulflower Tea Tree Soap:
  • The black granules in the soap are hard for the skin
  • The price is high.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I will surely purchase it again. The best time to purchase the Soulflower products is during discount season as they are pricey otherwise.

Contributed By: Priya Walia


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  1. Awesome Soap and Review liked the pictures Lavanya :)

  2. I love tea tree ....I am using tea tree products from last 6 years.
    I can bet this will be good :)

  3. Thanks Lavanya for such a wonderful giveaway.
    I am love to have all the good products.


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