Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing and Revitalizing Scrub Review

Scrubbing makes your skin not only beautiful but also gives the skin a lovely glow. It is very important to get rid of the old skin cells th...

Scrubbing makes your skin not only beautiful but also gives the skin a lovely glow. It is very important to get rid of the old skin cells that are there on your skin and make a way for new skin cells. Make sure you use a facial scrub according to your skin's need. I use Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing and Revitalizing Scrub as papaya is rich in antioxidants and contains a special enzyme called papain enzyme that can remove the dead cells and skin impurities. Papaya is used as main ingredient in many of the body lotions and face creams. This particular product has worked great for me. Do you want to know the details?

About Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing and Revitalizing Scrub:

Papaya is a luscious tropical fruit known for its rejuvenating and healing benefits. Full of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, papaya can act as a youth activator and natural exfoliator to revitalize skin without inflammation or irritation.
This exfoliating scrub is blended with pure papaya fruit to dissolve dead surface cells, unclog pore openings and smooth the way for clear skin to surface. Gentle refining action uncovers skin's natural brightness for a younger-looking complexion.


Rs.199/- for 85 gms

Shelf Life:

3 years


Papita(Carica Papaya), Kela(Musa Sapientum), Khajoor(Phoenix Dactylifera), Neem(Melia Azadiradrachita), Methi(Trgonelia Foenum Graecum), Yasad Bhasm(Zincum), Ban Haldi(Curcuma Aromatica), Aam Beej(Magnifela Indica), Bees Wax, Gun Acacia(Acacia Arabica), Moongphali(Archis Hypogea), Himalayan Water Q.S.


Directions For Use:

Massage on wet face and neck with fingertips. Don't rub it too hard, avoid eye area. Remove with water or damp washcloth. Use as needed.

My Experience With Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing and Revitalizing Scrub:

This is my second product from Biotique and is always in my vanity. Before applying face pack I always prefer to exfoliate my skin with this papaya face scrub. The scrub comes in a sturdy green tub which is the usual packaging of the Biotique products. I somehow do not like the tub packing as I feel it is not hygienic.

The moment you open the tub, you will get the smell of raw papaya. It is a thick scrub having big brown granules in it which is not at all harsh on the skin. Since the scrub is thick it doesn't spread easily on the skin. Diluting the scrub with water or rose water will be good to go for.

This scrub removes the dead cells, blackheads and whiteheads effectively. It also gave instant glow to the face and added shine to the skin. I felt fresh and bright after using this face scrub. Usually I apply face packs after scrubbing but with this scrub, I gently massage the scrub with fingertips for 3-4 mins and then leave it on face for 15 mins to get dry. It works very well that way too and I don't even need any face pack. This is surely one wonderful scrub and I recommend it to everyone.

Pros Of Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing and Revitalizing Scrub:
  • It works well with all the skin types
  • Gives a fresh look to your face
  • Adds glow and shine to the skin
  • Removes dead cells, black heads and white heads effectively
  • Gives wonderful results if you use it atleast twice a week
  • No harmful effects as it is 100% natural
  • No animal testing

Cons Of Biotique Bio Papaya Smoothing and Revitalizing Scrub:
  • The tub packing is not hygienic to use
  • The papaya smell may not be liked by all

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Final Note:

This scrub works really great and has many benefits. It gives a fresh look to your face by removing the blackheads, whiteheads and dead cells. I will surely recommend this product. Give it a try and you will love it.

Contributed By: Shruti


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