Tips For Growing Long & Strong Nails

95% of the women out there love to have long and beautiful nails. Right from my school days, I just loved the idea of having long nails. I b...

95% of the women out there love to have long and beautiful nails. Right from my school days, I just loved the idea of having long nails. I believed it is something which adds beauty to the entire look. Moreover, having short nails never motivates me to apply nail polish which I hate to miss out on. Saying all this I also have to say that I was not fortunate enough when it comes to having long nails. The moment I felt my nails are now long and beautiful enough, they used to break. I was pretty upset with this. Over the time, I realised what contributed to my weak nails. I am here to share with you some tips which will help you for growing long and strong nails. Are you ready to read the tips and flaunt your beautiful nails?

Avoid biting your nails:

This is something you might end up doing unintentionally. Keep a check and avoid it to safeguard your nails and not to forget for hygiene reasons too.

Use hand gloves as a protection:

In case you got to wash any utensils or do some tough work, make sure your gloves are on.

Dip your nails in warm water:

Remove dirt from your nails by dipping them in warm water for 2-3 minutes. Do this often to keep your nails neat.

Cuticle Oil / Olive Oil should be applied atleast twice a week:

Olive Oil or Cuticle Oil helps in strengthening of nails and makes them firm. Dip the nails in Olive Oil or Cuticle Oil and massage them for 5 minutes atleast twice a week.

Shape your nails in one direction:

Always take care while shaping the nails. Shape them in one direction only to avoid chipping of nails at the edges.

Moisturize nails with cream or lotion when your nails are dry:

Whenever you feel your nails are dry or even after washing hands, do apply cream or lotion and massage them gently.

Apply a base coat before you apply nail polish:

Whenever you plan to apply nail polish, always apply a base coat and then apply nail polish on top of it. You can also apply a coat on top of nail polish. This helps to keep the nails strong. Even if you do not like nail polish you can always apply nail enamel which helps in maintaining healthy nails.

These are the few tips which I personally follow and benefited from. Hope this helps you to some extent.
Do share the tips you follow for growing long and strong nails.

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  1. oh no, the biting is me. I have to stop and grew my nails. That has to start before i fellow with the rest of the tips.

    1. Haha...even I used to do it way I take care :)


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