Soulflower Lavender Body Milk Review

Hi friends! I am back with one more review for you all from Soulflower. This time its Lavender Body Milk which has become one of my favorite...

Hi friends! I am back with one more review for you all from Soulflower. This time its Lavender Body Milk which has become one of my favorite body milk in few days only. Want to know how?
As you all know about Soulflower products, they are totally herbal with essential oils, herbs and extracts from vegetables and flowers. What I like about their products is they are totally chemical free and no animal testing. Above all these common factors in Soulflower products, the Lavender Body Milk has some amazing pros which I am in love with. This is the body milk which got leaked during delivery and was immediately replaced by the company which did impress me a lot. I can now vouch on the amazing customer service Soulflower has.

About Soulflower Lavender Body Milk:

Rich in soothing essential oil of lavender and cocoa butter this delicately perfumed body milk has been specially designed so that even extra dry, undernourished skin is replenished with long-lasting, easily absorbed moisturization.


Rs.200/- for 250 ml

Shelf Life:

3 Years


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Lavender Essential Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Lotion base Q.S
Lavender is known as a calming, relaxing herb and the Lavender Oil is the most versatile of all the essential oils. It is known as the “universal oil”.
Cocoa Butter is famous for its moisturizing and healing properties. It is been used to protect and condition skin which has been damaged by the sun and wind.

My Experience With Lavender Body Milk:

I am very fond Vaseline body lotion but it is greasy which makes me avoid it during summers. So, this time I planned to buy Soulflower body milk for this summer and they turned out to be my favorites in just few days of use. I love the smell of Lavender in agarbattis, room fresheners and soaps. When I saw a body milk having Lavender oil as the main ingredient, I quickly added it into my cart.
When I saw the Lavender Body Milk for the first time, it was very thin in texture which created a doubt. I expressed the same concern to the Soulflower team - "Why is the body milk so thin in texture, has it crossed the expiry period which makes it look so?". I know its a weird question from my side. But the team was quick to help me. They told me that the body milk has the consistency similar to that of milk and all the body milk they have are of different consistency based on their ingredients. And that is totally true as I compared this milk with the other two I purchased and I found that others are slightly thick. On application, the lotion gets absorbed into the skin easily without leaving any oily layer. You will get a shine on your skin immediately after applying it.

I used it continously for 20-25 days and I am in love with its fragrance. The smell lasts for 2-3 hours on the body. It doesn't have any side-effects on the skin and is great for everyone. The pump dispenser is sturdy enough for travel and makes the product hygienic to use as well.

There is a big list of pros for this product which I am sure would help you in buying this product. Coming to me, I am completely loving it.

Pros Of Soulflower Lavender Body Milk:
Absorbs in the skin easily(non-greasy)
Leaves a shine on the skin
Pleasant smell which stays for long
No need to re-apply till 6-8 hours
Its herbal, no artificial and preservatives are used.
No animal testing
100% Vegan Product
Easy available
Will last for 1-2 months on regular use. Just 2 pumps for both the arms.
Worth the price.
The pump dispenser helps in no wastage of product.

Cons Of Soulflower Lavender body milk:
The runny milk texture might be a little bit of problem as it can spill easily.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

Lavender Body Milk is long lasting and gets easily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft, supple and pleasantly scented. I would surely recommend it to everyone. Try this instead of body lotion and you will end up buying more of it.

Contributed By: Priya Walia


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