VLCC Ayurvedic Henna Review

With day-to-day busy life and the increasing pollution around, it is becoming difficult to maintain healthy hair. So, every month I make sur...

With day-to-day busy life and the increasing pollution around, it is becoming difficult to maintain healthy hair. So, every month I make sure that I go to the parlour and get henna applied to my hair. Though I do not have the problem of grey hair, I do have split ends and at times hair fall problem as well. I want to condition my hair regularly and henna ofcourse is the natural hair conditioner. It not only helps in hair growth but also makes the hair silky and shiny. Recently I faced a bad experience at the parlour. The henna which was applied to me was not of good quality as it caused a lot of trouble to my hair later. I had a terrible week with bad hair because of that. From then I decided that I cannot take this risk again. I wanted to do it all by myself and I went in for VLCC Ayurvedic Henna. Do read further to know my experience with this henna.

About VLCC Ayurvedic Henna:

Henna - Traditionally the symbol of passion and love, harbinger of wealth & prosperity, warder off of unhealthy influences - Henna, the herb of Divine Grace! Now brought to you by VLCC, in a secret traditional recipe for the beauty of your crowning glory. Gives shine & lustre, darkens hair color and promotes hair growth. Enriched with Natural Proteins and Vitamins C&E which nourish the roots, Musk Root which promotes growth, Margosa which fights all scalp infections and Indian Goosberry which adds shine & lustre.
Purpose: A Pure Hair Treatment containing Henna leaves along with Musk Root, Indian Goosberry, Margosa & Shikakai, enriched with natural Proteins and Vitamins C&E. This combination has been traditionally used to give colour, shine, lustre & body to hair in addition to preventing hair loss and giving it a healthy look.


Rs.45 for 100g

Shelf Life:

36 months

Directions For Use:

Make a paste with water. Apply to dry hair for half an hour, rinse thoroughly.

Active Ingredients:

Henna 83%, Indian Gooseberry 5%, Margosa 5%, Musk Root 5%, Shikakai 2%

My Experience With VLCC Ayurvedic Henna:

The two things which made me go for this henna are it is Ayurvedic and it comes from VLCC. Given the list of ingredients which are all natural, the powder smelled the same. All I had to do is just add water and make a paste. Since my hair is medium in length I took two sachets of this henna.

While making this into a paste, I kept getting lumps, so it took some 5 mins to make it into a fine paste. I applied it taking few strands of my hair and thus completed the entire hair. The application was easy and went on without any hassles. It gave a cool feeling when applied. I kept it on for more than the time mentioned, say for about one hour as the henna was still wet on my hair.

It was also quite easy to wash it away. After hair wash, the hair was soft and smooth. All in all, I would say it is a good product for hair conditioning, given its reasonable price and natural ingredients.

Pros Of VLCC Ayurvedic Henna:
  • Includes natural ingredients like Indian Gooseberry & Shikakai
  • Easy to apply and dries up quickly
  • Works well as a conditioner
  • Makes the hair soft and smooth
  • Reasonably priced

Cons Of VLCC Ayurvedic Henna:
  • It does not add shine to the hair
  • Packing is average

Diva Likes Rating:

4/5 (This rating is excluding how it works for grey hair)

Final Note:

If you want to go for a good hair conditioner at a reasonable price, then this is the one for you.


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  1. Your post reminded me of applying Heena on my hair :)
    Product looks good ....I have used Neha hrbal mehndi ....Next time will go for this one :)

  2. Have been using Shahnaz Hussain Heena...But will give VLCC a try now :-)

  3. I know VLCC prodcuts never worked for me too... :(
    Lovely Review Lavanya :)

    1. VLCC always worked good for me most of the times and this henna worked really good radha...you must try this

  4. nice review but sad heena is not for my scalp i face dry and frizzy hairs after applying heena.
    1st time to you blog, nice space you got, will b happy following ur posts, im new to blogging do visit my blog

    Happy Blogging :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by! I shall surely visit your blog. Welcome to blogging world!

    2. Hi. Then Im sure you are not applying it correctly. The best application is to apply henna on clean dry hair..then wash with plain water only.. n thn apply oil at night.. n then shampoo and condition your hair the next day..my sister had been following this all her life. And when I started off with Henna I also faced the same problem when I washed it the same day.. oiling after henna is important.. you will love the effect..

  5. I have never tried Heena but would like to.

  6. I have tried this one and love how effortlessy it comes out of the hair.. but i still prefer Nupur for the gorgeous color. :)


  7. Need to apply on scalp too? I have oily scalp... So will it be good for that also?

    1. I am not sure about scalp Hridhya...but it does great work with hair :)

  8. Works well! Conditioned hair as well as gave my medium brown hair some extra colour.

  9. I use biotique henna powder.....it works very well....now I am going to try this vlcc

  10. I use biotique and it works well....it conditions but color not so good


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