Soya Meal Wraps (Guest Post - 12 by Gayathri, Ishita n Subhashini)

Gayathri, Ishita and Subhashini from Ez CookBook are our 12th guest contributors in "Be My Guest With A Guest Post" . Wondering ho...

Gayathri, Ishita and Subhashini from Ez CookBook are our 12th guest contributors in "Be My Guest With A Guest Post". Wondering how 3 people have sent this recipe? Well, these 3 beautiful women have together started Ezcookbook blog. They have some wonderful recipes which we all will love, so do visit their blog.
Today there are sharing delicious soya meal wraps with us. Soya Meal Wraps are very delicious, healthy and sumptuous meal. Soya chunks are rich in Protein and is an excellent replacement for meat-based proteins. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis in menopausal women. It can benefit strong growth of bones and teeth in children. Include soy products like tofu, soy bean, soya milk in your regular food diet to build stronger and healthier life. Try this recipe and send us feedback.


For Keema:

Soya Chunks/meal maker-1 cup
Onion- 1 large chopped
Tomato- 1 Medium Chopped
Curd/Yogurt - 1 tablespoon
Red Chilli Powder- 1 tablespoon
Ginger - 1 tablespoon minced
Garlic - 1 tablespoon minced
Coriander Powder- 1 1/2 tablespoon
Garam masala - 1 tablespoon
Turmeric Powder - Half tablespoon
Besan-1 tablespoon
Salt - As per taste

For Roti:

Wheat Flour - One and half cup
Warm water - Three Fourth cup
Salt - As per taste
Oil - 1 tablespoon


Pressure cook soya chunks with sufficient water, little salt for one whistle. Alternatively, bring sufficient water to boil and cook soya chunks for about 10 minutes.
Once pressure is released drain the soya if any water is left . Mash with hands and keep aside.
Heat oil in a wok, add cumin seeds, ginger, garlic and onion saute well till aromatic.
Add chopped tomato and stir for few minutes till soft.
Add turmeric powder,coriander powder, red chilli powder and garam masala and saute well.
Combine a tbsp of besan and stir to mix with other ingredients.
Add curd and saute for a few seconds.
Add salt and finally mix in the soya chunks and let it cook for few minutes until blends well with all ingredients.( No need to add water as it is a dry masala for stuffing, the water in the soya itself is sufficient to cook).
Tranfer to the plate and let it cool.

Method for roti:

Sift flour. In a large bowl combine flour, salt, oil and mix.
Add water little by little and prepare a firm soft dough(Remember roti will be soft depends on the kneading method).
Divide the dough into 10 - 12 equal portions and roll it as thin disc using chappati roller.
Heat a flat Griddle, place the roti and fry both sides. Add Ghee/oil as per your choice on both sides.

Method for wrap:

Now place a one and half to two tablespoons of the prepared filling from one part of the roti and roll it.

Roll the wrap with Aluminium foil and tightly pack.
A sumptuous wrap filled with nutritients is ready to eat.
Best and perfect take away food for lunch box, picnic and sometime mid meal too.

Serving Options:

Serve with Simple Yogurt drink or Lassi. If you prefer can stuff the keema inside the roti rather to roll.


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