Neon Brush Strokes Nail Art Tutorial

It's raining nail arts here at Diva Likes. I am in a great mood these days and got some free tim...

It's raining nail arts here at Diva Likes. I am in a great mood these days and got some free time. So I decided to continue with my nail art mania. The coming year will be hell lot busy for me, so this one month I am planning the Christmas nail art series for you all. Today I am here with the Neon Brush Strokes Nail Art Tutorial. This design is very simple and easy to do. Even a beginner or a no nail art person can give this a shot. This design does not require a steady hand or so much detailing. You just need a few bright neon colors to flaunt this. I always try to keep my designs easy so that anyone can try it. I know many of us are not blessed with a steady hand. Even I am not a pro at it but trying is the only thing one should always do, whatever be the case. I will show you how to achieve this design in simple steps. Just take a look at the tutorial and you can do it yourself!

Things Needed:
  • White nail polish for your base coat.
  • 3-4 bright colored neon nail polishes of your choice.
  • Thin nail art brush or any small painting brush.
  • Top coat of your choice.


Apply two coats of the white base coat. Let it dry. Using white as the base coat will make your neon colors pop.

Put a drop of the first neon nail polish on a piece of plastic or kitchen film. Pick up some of it on your nail art brush and start making few random swipes on your finger.

Now pick up the second color and do the same thing as done in the above step.

Do this with all the colors. Fill in all the white empty spaces. Don't overlap the strokes.

Once your design dries, apply the top coat.

I hope you all liked this tutorial. If you are done with all the colors and still left with some empty white space, use some other colors as well to fill out those spaces. As I said, you don't need intricacy here. So just a few brush strokes and you are done!

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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