Congratulations Divya For Completing 100 Posts At Diva Likes

It's 100 posts completion for our dear writer at Diva Likes - Divya Singh. Divya is quite famous...

It's 100 posts completion for our dear writer at Diva Likes - Divya Singh. Divya is quite famous at Diva Likes for her beautiful nail arts and budget-friendly beauty product reviews. Be it Halloween or Christmas, Divya always comes up with amazing nail arts which are loved by our readers. She is one of the most active writer and team member at Diva Likes and we are proud to have her as a part of the team. 
Divya, I totally appreciate your hard work and dedication. We have a long way to go and I am sure we will do wonders working together. Congratulations for completing the big 100. Now buckle up and give us more of your wonderful work!

Here is what our team has to say to you on this occasion!

When I first joined the Diva Likes team, it was Divya's posts that made me learnt a lot. Today, she has completed 100 posts! Congratulations pretty girl! You very well deserve this success for your hard work and dedication. Your nail arts are awe-inspiring and so are the wonderful reviews. Hope to see you crossing another milestone soon!
Love and hugs! – Salomi.

Heartiest Congratulations for reaching the 100 posts mark. Love your catchy nail art posts. Keep writing and sharing your wonderful reviews.
Wishing you all the very best! - Meghna.

Divya is a rockstar writer. I thoroughly enjoy reading every review she writes. She is peppy, practical, and passionate as a writer. Keep up the great work in the days ahead.
All the best! - Kriti.

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  1. Thanx Lavanya thats super sweet of u:) i am overwhelmed by this post.

  2. Loveeeee to u Salomi:) we will work together to make Diva likes the most happening stop.

  3. Thanx a lot Inner Personal Advice!


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