Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow Plum Review

Eye shadow is among those products which I hardly buy. Honestly speaking, all I look for in an eye s...

Eye shadow is among those products which I hardly buy. Honestly speaking, all I look for in an eye shadow is pigmentation. When the pigmentation is good, half the battle is won. My favorite brand is Sleek when it comes to eye shadow. I was glad to find a new eye shadow in my Diva Likes haul and that too from a reputed brand like Revlon. These eye shadow links were quite raved in the cosmetic world because of their innovativeness. So, are they really worth talking about or just hyped? Read on to find out about it.

About Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow Plum:

Customize Your Palette. Mix. Match. Click. Individual, interchangeable eye shadows click together to create your own customized palette of possibilities. In 4 fabulous finishes and 30 covetable, collectible shades.
Product Description:
• Mix and match your favorite shades to create your own customized palette.
• Interchangeable shadows easily snap together or come apart.
• Rich color in a variety of finishes from matte to sparkle.
• All-day wear.


175 INR for 1.4 g

Directions For Use:

Prime your lid and conceal the uneven skin tone around the eyes. Apply the Eyeshadow from the corner to the centre with help of an eye shadow brush or applicator.

My Experience With Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow Plum:

Packaging: Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow Plum comes in a little rectangular box that flips open with a transparent plastic lid. You can easily identify the color of the eyeshadow as the lid is transparent. Though I have no complaints with the durability of the packaging, I expected an applicator or atleast a mirror. Unfortunately, none of them was provided. This was really disappointing from a brand like Revlon.
Shade & Texture: Coming to the shade, it is a matte finish purple color without a hint of shimmer or frost. I noticed that though this is a matte color, it doesn't appear chalky over the lids or in the swatches. I personally do not prefer shimmers over my eye lids, so color wise it was a good pick.
Pigmentation: If I had to describe the pigmentation, I have to say that it is bad. My numerous attempts failed miserably trying to bring out the color. Least I could use was the primer but then it wasn't of great help. Moreover, blending the eye shadow is another pain. This has not impressed me at all.

Staying Power: The eye shadow creases within two hours of application on my eyes if I do not use a primer. Primer will only increase the staying power for a few hours more.
Revlon has really found a new concept of linking the eye shadow with the colors of one's choice. I often used this eye shadow for creating plum-brown or plum-black smokey eyes but can't use this eye shadow for big occasions.

Pros Of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow Plum:
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • A beautiful plum color eyeshadow.
  • Innovative concept of linking eye shadow.
  • Matte eye shadow without a chalky appearance.

Cons Of Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links Eye Shadow Plum:
  • There was no applicator or mirror provided.
  • Very bad pigmentation.
  • Blending is a bit tough.
  • Easily creases on eye lids.
  • Poor staying power even with primer underneath.

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

I am entirely disappointed with this eye shadow given the fact that it comes from one of my favorite brand Revlon. It hardly serves the basic purpose of an eye shadow. I believe you can give this a skip as there are very good single eye shadows available in the market.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Such a disappointment...I agree on the mirror and applicator part...that's minimum expectation from Revlon!

  2. Ohh that's bad. .but I love the shade..:)

  3. I wish it had more pigmentation... these shadow links were a huge disappointment!


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