Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash Review

Hello everyone! We all require a good face wash, when we start our day and end it. When Ponds discon...

Hello everyone! We all require a good face wash, when we start our day and end it. When Ponds discontinued my favorite face wash from their range, I was in trouble waters as I didn't know which one to pick up. I have oily skin and I needed something oil-free. I was totally clueless which brand I should go for. I heard that Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash is mild and chemical free. So, I picked it up. Read on to know my take on the product.

About Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash:

100% soap free face wash. What do you do when life gives you lemons? We put them in the oil clear lemon face wash. With Nano Vita-C and Lemon extract, it cleanses your skin in a zesty flash leaving it moist, fresh and radiant.


49 INR for 50 g

Shelf Life:

2 years

Ingredients List:

Direction For Use:

Squeeze out a small quantity onto your palm. Work up lather and gently massage on your face. Rinse with water and pat dry.

My Experience With Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash:

Everyuth Naturals has shown tremendous improvement in packaging in the recent times, with bright colors which make the product pretty noticeable. You can't call it cute but yes, it's decent enough to catch your eyes from the sea of face washes kept in a store. I was actually in the store to get a face wash for my oily-combination skin but somehow ended up picking this mild one. Everyuth, according to me, is known for its scrubs. I thought of trying their face wash range as well. So I picked up Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash. The face wash comes in a tube with a flip flop cap. It has a runny consistency and looks like a transparent semi-viscous liquid. It smells like fresh lemon and I just love it. But then, it doesn't form foam at all. It is basically a mild face wash when you just want to wash off excess oil on your face. But if you are expecting it to remove traces of oil, dirt and makeup, it won't go off with one wash.

The product has the smell of fresh lemon which lingers even after the wash giving you a fresh feeling. This face wash will neither give you whitening effect nor crystal clear skin effect. Though it is claimed to be an oil clear face wash, it doesn't dry up the skin after washing. It is enough matte for oily beauties. I hardly have acne problem and so I cannot conclude much on that part. Lastly, this affordable and easy going face wash is neither good nor bad. You can give it a try once!

Pros Of Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash:
  • Improved packaging which looks good.
  • It isn't harsh on skin at all and doesn't strip off the moisture from skin.
  • Perfect for combination to oily skin.
  • Has a fresh lime smell.
  • Price is fair enough for mild performance.
  • No irritation on skin or breakout.

Cons Of Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash:
  • No lather. I hate this.
  • It is an ineffective face wash for cleaning makeup traces.
  • It has parabens and other harmful chemicals.

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Final Note:

I will recommend this product if you have combination to oily skin and if you are just looking for a mild face wash with a fresh smell. I basically use this face wash for mild wash. It is not a very effective foamy face wash. If you are okay with these features, do give it a try.

Contributed By: Salomi Das


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  1. Nicely reviewed Salomi... I wish it wasn't a mild face wash! For now i'll probably give this a pass...

    1. Same here...cant take it if it has no ability to remove dirt n makeup!

  2. thanks Karishma.. :) Yeah Lavanya, it quite ineffective..


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