Gala Of London Nail Enamel In Pearl 617 Review

You all have seen my nail arts on Diva Likes and can easily make out by now how much I love nail col...

You all have seen my nail arts on Diva Likes and can easily make out by now how much I love nail colors. I just cannot have enough of them. I store them in my refrigerator and my mother teases me saying that our refrigerator is only for storing your nail paint collection. But my mom doesn't know that I will keep buying and storing more of them. The other day I had gone to buy myself a face wash in a store which has a huge collection of Gala of London makeup products. This was my first tryst with this brand. The SA showed me some amazing and affordable makeup stuff from this brand. This brand being a newbie to me, I was not sure of using their products. But that is when my eyes fell on the nail paint stash and I was thrilled seeing the collection as it was very pretty. Moreover it was pocket friendly. I was looking for dark nail paints for some of my nail art and so I decided to pick up a dark blue shade of nail paint - Gala Of London Nail Enamel In Pearl 617.

About Gala Of London Nail Enamel In Pearl 617:

Fashion forward, wearable nail colors for the modern woman who is looking for an effective, safe, fashionable brand.


65 INR for 9 ml

Directions For Use:

Shake well. Apply two coats.

My Experience With Gala Of London Nail Enamel In Pearl 617:

The nail enamel comes in a square glass bottle with the brand name impression and a black cap. The shade name and number are present on the cap. The bristles of the brush are nice and long which makes the application very easy. Given its affordable price, I can say the packaging is good. The shade Pearl 617 is a very pretty royal blue color which looks best for evening parties. The pigmentation is totally insane. You require only a single swipe and you are good to go. It becomes totally opaque in just one coat. In my swatch I have applied just 1 coat and you can see how pigmented it is. It has a nice shine and lasts for almost a week on my nails after which it starts fading. But a major drawback of this nail color is it stains badly as if you have applied a paint. I had to struggle a lot to remove it with a nail polish remover. I suggest using a good amount of base coat before applying this color because it stains like crazy. All in all this is a rich royal color. I wanted to use it for my nail art and found it quite cheap. Leaving aside the fact that it stains, I like the shade very much. I will surely try other colors from this range.

Pros Of Gala Of London Nail Enamel In Pearl 617:
  • Very affordable
  • Standard and sturdy packaging
  • Lovely royal blue shade
  • Insanely pigmented. Opaque in just a single coat
  • Lasts for about 5-7 days

Cons Of Gala Of London Nail Enamel In Pearl 617:
  • Stains the nails very badly. Applying a top coat beneath is necessary
  • Removing the nail paint can be a cumbersome task
  • Availability might be an issue for some people

Diva Likes Rating:


Final Note:

For a nail art addict like me, this range is going to be a great thing to try. Pearl 617 is a vibrant royal blue color which will look perfect for parties. But it stains very badly and if you want to try it then definitely use a good base coat beneath.

Contributed By: Divya Singh


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  1. This is such a nice blue shade...loved it divya!

  2. Lovely blue shade!! I would love to try this on! :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!! :)

  3. Thnx Charu..u 2 hve a rocking weekend dear:)


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