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This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with BlogAdda.com Rita w...

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with BlogAdda.com

Rita was all excited for the fresher’s party in her college. She and her gang of friends have planned everything perfectly. Since the party was going to be in a pub, they were all set for it and had planned short skirts which would make them look hot and just wow! They also wanted to be the center of attraction of the party.

On the day of fresher’s party everyone was looking drop-dead gorgeous in their attire. Rita arrived a bit late for the party. Nevertheless, she did a perfect face makeup and was looking cute. All the girls were excited and the party just began. It started with the introduction round when each of them had to speak a few words about themselves. Everyone and everything else around was dimmed off to give the speaker a special feel. The spotlight was on the person who was speaking. 

As it went on, there came Rita’s turn and the spotlight was on her. She was going on with her introduction but suddenly there was a showdown. Her gang of friends had asked the DJ to remove the spotlight from her and the spotlight went on to the next person and the introduction series continued. Rita was amazed at this and felt affronted. She went running to the washroom and there came in drops of tears from her eyes. Her friends followed her and tried to calm her down. She was not convinced and shouted at them as to why was she insulted in front of everyone. Then Rita’s friends explained her that it was all because of her bear like hair which was clearly visible on her long legs as she was wearing a short skirt. On the top of it, the spotlight made it look even more terrible. To stop further embarrassment, they had to shift the focus from her and hence they had asked the DJ to remove the spotlight from her.

On hearing this, Rita wiped her tears and realized that she missed out hair removal of her legs. She hugged her gang of friends for saving her grace in a situation which would have turned really awkward for her.
That is when Rita said “I WISH I HAD OPTED FOR MY HAIR REMOVAL”. From then on, Rita was always alert of her looks and started using Gillette Satin Care which was really handy to remove the unwanted hair and look gorgeous forever.

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